Thermostats & Controls


Today's high-tech thermostats make the basic hot/cold dials of yesteryear look like cave etchings. In addition to precision temperature control that can vary from room to room (or zone to zone) according to your exact specifications, Cipollone's programmable thermostats can actually memorize the preferred settings of each resident and adjust themselves according to who's home and how hot or cold it is outside. Some can even be set via computer, tablet or smart phone.


Cipollone stocks and installs several small components that pack a big punch and can knock down your energy costs month after month. Our Fuel Economizers keep your boiler running at peak efficiency by adjusting its output as energy requirements change, thereby reducing your fuel consumption by 10-20 percent. We also carry Capacitors that can be plugged into a standard power outlet to instantly increase the efficiency of your home, reducing energy consumption by at least 8 percent.