Audits & Inspections


Home Energy Audits: Before making determinations about upgrading or converting heating/cooling systems, John Cipollone Inc. recommends customers allow us to conduct a Building Performance Institute-certified Home Energy Audit, which will reveal how much money you’re spending to get the temperatures you desire, where your home is wasting or losing energy, and exactly how you can improve your home’s energy efficiency. To do this, our BPI-certified professionals interview the homeowners, review their past energy bills, conduct a walkthrough of the property, and run several detailed inspections using high-tech testing equipment. After this process is complete, we outline several improvement strategies, indicating how much the homeowner can expect to save, in terms of energy and money, with each option.

Audits And Inspections

Air Quality Diagnostics: One of the only drawbacks of a well-insulated, tightly sealed, energy-efficient home is that it does such a good job of keeping air inside, it could trap in microscopic air pollutants that have the potential to aggravate allergies and make you and your family sick. Indeed, there’s more to indoor air quality than keeping your home free of dust, mold and mildew. Chemicals, pollen, dust mites and thousands of other irritants need to be addressed as well. That’s why John Cipollone Inc. offers Air Quality Diagnostics, which will help determine exactly what’s floating around inside your home and how to get rid of it.

Moving Inspections: Whether you’re moving in or moving out, you want to be sure that all of your heating and cooling systems are operating at peak performance and efficiency levels. If you’re moving out, faulty equipment can drive down the value of your home or make it a harder sell, whereas newly serviced or recently installed high-efficiency equipment is a great selling point. Likewise, if you’re moving into a home, you’ll be happy to avoid the hassle of needing your equipment replaced before you even unpack your belongings. We provide move-in and move-out inspections to ensure homebuyers and sellers that their move goes as smoothly as possible.

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