Benefits of Heating Oil



Residential heating oil burns extremely cleanly, with so few emissions that heating oil isn’t even regulated by the Federal Clean Air Act. Furthermore, new formulations like biofuel and ultra-low sulfur diesel make oilheat an even more environmentally friendly choice for heating your home.

Health and Safety:

Heating oil is non-combustible. In fact, if you drop a lit match into a heating oil tank, its flame will simply go out as if dropped in water. Also, inhalation of fuel oil fumes is not lethal, and in the event of a system malfunction, heating oil systems will give you tell-tale warning signs like smoke, odors or soot.


Contrary to what you might have heard, there is plenty of oil in North America to go around. The U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve has a capacity of 727 million barrels, and the Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve stores 1 million barrels alone. Furthermore, in late 2013, the U.S. surpassed Saudi Arabia and Russia to become the world’s leading petroleum producer.

Benefits Of Heating Oil