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Aprilaire Humidifier CompressorWhen you think humidity, you probably think the sticky, gross summer humidity. What most people don’t realize is the lack of humidity in the winter is a problem. Aprilaire whole-home humidifiers will improve several aspects of your Havertown, PA home.


Benefits of A Humidifier

  1. Improve Your Health – Proper humidity reduces the number of allergens, bacteria, and other airborne irritants. Colds, nosebleeds, and breathing issues usually intensify when the humidity is too low.
  2. Improves Your Skin – Dry, cracking skin in the winter is GREATLY relieved with proper moisture in the air.
  3. Improve Your Comfort – Humidity helps carry heat, making it feel warmer than when the humidity is too low. Setting your thermostat to 68 with no humidity will feel colder than 66 with proper humidity. The moisture in the air makes a difference and gives the heat more bang for its buck.
  4. Help Preserve Your Home – Huge swings in humidity lead to warping of wood, furniture, instruments, and wallpaper. When you have the right humidity levels in your home, it helps preserve all these things, keeping them in better shape than without humidity regulation.
  5. Can Save Money – With proper humidity, you can usually ease off the heat a little bit. This will reduce the amount of energy you are using to warm the house and can lead to savings on energy bills.

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Most people don’t realize how much proper humidity can help improve your health in the winter and make you feel THAT much more comfortable. You still may need to use a little extra lotion in the winter, and of course, you can still catch a cold, but proper humidity in your home goes a long way to easing those problems.


What Causes Low Humidity?

Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air. When air is warmer, it carries more moisture in the air. This is why the humidity is one of the most uncomfortable aspects of the summer, and you are always trying to lower it.

In the winter, the air becomes dryer, and less moisture is present. This air sneaks into your home, and this is when the humidity drops to below normal levels. On top of that, heating this air with already low humidity can dry it out even further.

Why Some Homes Need A Humidifier

Some homes don’t need a humidifier. This is generally because the homes are newer, and have HVAC systems and thermostats that account for humidity. These homes also may be sealed up with fewer drafts, and better insulation.

But, a lot of homes either don’t have this newer technology or simply weren’t designed to account for humidity. The colder air from outside is creeping in, while the technology in your home wasn’t designed to regulate the humidity levels.

What Should The Humidity Indoors Be During The Winter

The humidity levels indoors should be between 30% – 40% during the winter.

Signs Your Humidity Is Low

You can measure your humidity with an actual tool called a Hygrometer, but there are a few signs you can look for that may mean you could use a humidifier…

  • Skin is dry and cracking
  • Frequent nose bleeds, colds, and flu symptoms
  • Cracking or warping of wood furniture/instruments
  • Increased static electricity
  • Itchy eyes

Humidifier Models From Aprilaire

When it comes to choosing the proper humidifier for your Havertown, PA home, we can help you out. They have different sizes and capacities, but with the help of a trusted contractor, it’s usually pretty easy to choose the right one.

Aprilaire Humidifiers

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