Heating Oil Delivery


Cipollone Inc. is proud to deliver premium-quality heating oil to residents and businesses of Havertown and the entire Philadelphia metro area.

We have a few options when it comes to oil delivery.

Automatic Delivery

When you enroll in automatic delivery, everything is taken care of for you. You’ll never have to call to schedule delivery or worry about running out of oil, because we monitor the usage and refill the tank when it starts to run low. This is extremely convenient for someone who does not keep track of their usage, and doesn’t want to be bothered with having to schedule their own deliveries.

Request Deliveries

Still, some choose to keep track of their own supply and schedule deliveries by calling us at 610-446-7877. You can also send us an email at comfort@johncipollone.com.

For added convenience, you can now schedule deliveries online as well! Click here to schedule a delivery.

Heating Oil Delivery