Carrier Heat Pumps

Carrier’s gas- and oil-fired boilers are guaranteed to provide consistent warmth throughout the home, without the hums and other bothersome noises people often associate with heating equipment. Their ENERGY STAR®-qualified high-efficiency models are among the industry’s best, boasting AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) ratings of up to 90 percent.

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What is a Heat Pump? 

Heat pumps look like air conditioners, and actually function in a very similar way. During the colder months, they simply take the heat and energy from outside and pump it into the house. This is done by transferring the heat, rather than burning oil or gas to create it, making this a cost and energy efficient operation. Heat pumps can also be used to cool during the summer. They just reverse their operation and pump the heat out of the house, as opposed to in.

Can you add a heat pump to an existing system?

Simply put yes! A heat pump is a great supplement to a current system, be it oil, gas or electric. If you are running up high energy bills, or there is a place in the home that won’t get comfortable, installing a heat pump can alleviate high bills, and fix problem areas. Don’t overwork your current unit or pay too much. Installing a heat pump to help out is cost-effective, and leads to increased comfort.