Carrier Oil Furnaces

When it comes to heating your home, your furnace is the tool that’s going to be doing the job. You want to make sure it’s reliable, efficient, and will last you for years and years. This is why we love installing Carrier Furnaces.

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Carrier’s gas- and oil-fired boilers are guaranteed to provide consistent warmth throughout the home, without the hums and other bothersome noises people often associate with heating equipment. Their ENERGY STAR®-qualified high-efficiency models are among the industry’s best, boasting AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) ratings of up to 90 percent.

When you put a Carrier Gas Furnace in your home, you can expect…

  1. Your Home To Be Warm – The most important aspect is that it makes your home warm! Carrier systems are designed to provide consistent warmth around your home. Some systems will provide homes with very uneven temperatures, making some rooms much cooler than they should be. Not with the Carrier system. You will be able to feel cozy in every room of your home.
  2. Keep Energy Bills Down – Because of the importance Carrier places on efficiency, a Carrier system will use as little energy as possible to get the job done. The more energy used, the higher the bills. In the winter this can become a major issue. Heating bills tend to soar on the coldest months of the year, and if you have an old or inefficient system, it could be the reason your bills are so high.
  3. Dependability – Having your system break down in the winter is terrible. Carrier systems are very dependable, and with regular maintenance should last 10+ years.
  4. A Quiet System – This is something you may not think of until you notice it. Some furnaces can make a ton of noise. Clanking and whirring when it turns on can be very noticeable, and bothersome during the night, or while you’re watching TV. A Carrier system is designed to be VERY quiet, so the only thing you will notice is how warm and comfortable your home is.