Carrier Air Conditioners

Did you know that it was Willis Carrier who invented air conditioning in 1902? Since then, Carrier has been improving its air conditioning technology to bring the best HVAC systems to your home. Carrier offers a wide range of solutions, so it doesn’t matter the size, age, or structure of your home, there is a Carrier system that can keep it cool on those hot summer days.

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Carrier Air Conditioners are one of the products we have been installing in homes for years. When you install a new Carrier Air Conditioning System in your home, there are several benefits that come along with it. Here are a few of the big ones:

  • Energy Efficiency & Lower Energy Bills – These go hand in hand. Carrier systems are constantly improving energy efficiency, which means that it will take less energy to keep your home cool. When you use less energy, not only are you saving money on energy bills, but you are also being more environmentally friendly.
  • Designed For Your Home – Carrier has whatever size or design of the system that may fit your home. Sometimes a missized system, or the wrong design can be the direct cause of comfort issues in your home. If the system is too big or small, it won’t run efficiently, won’t do the proper job, and can cause breakdowns and repairs being needed. Carrier has such a wide range of systems and sizes that one will fit your home perfectly.
  • Controls More – These new Carrier systems can control more than ever before. From humidity control to cooling schedules that fit your week, there are a lot more features than simply on and off.