The Secret To A Successful HVAC System

Repairing And Upgrading Ductwork

When there's a spot in your home that doesn't seem to stay comfortable, it's always the first thought to blame the HVAC system, but in a lot of cases that's not the reason. The ductwork that runs throughout your Havertown home is supposed to deliver the cooled or heated air to every space in your home. A leak, or faulty design could be the reason your home isn't comfortable.

When someone calls us about their system not getting the job done, we like to make sure that the ducts are doing their part first. Instead of having to replace a whole HVAC system, we could simply be looking at a few adjustments to the ductwork that fix the issue!

Matthias Showing Us How He Adjusted The Ductwork

What Do We Look For In Your Ducts?

  • Are there leaks in your duct system?
  • Was the duct system designed correctly?
  • Are the registers and grills poorly sealed and loose?
  • Are there ducts that have been crushed or altered over the years?
  • Are the ducts clogged or too dirty?
  • Are the ducts properly insulated?

Fixing Ducts In Homes Around The Community

This homeowner was a long time customer, and knew that their historic Haverford home needed some upgrades to their heating and cooling. We ended up replacing their HVAC systems, but one of the biggest issues was the ductwork. It wasn't designed properly, and needed some adjustments to make sure that the system could reach every part of the home. 

In the video, Matthias explains what we did to make the air flow MUCH better, including adding some dampers, sealing some ducts, and changing some positions of equipment to make sure it all works as it should. 

Now the homeowners couldn't be happier with their improved comfort! 

This home in Merion, PA was using two systems for heating and cooling, and they just weren't getting the job done. The systems were older, and the air flow just wasn't reaching every space in their home. 

Matthias and the Cipollone crew were able to assess the issues, and consolidate their HVAC situation into one Carrier system that heats and cools the home. 

With the redesigning of the ductwork, this one system is able to reach every space in the home with ease, making it more comfortable in the home, while also being more convenient. 

Expert Solutions For Your Ductwork 

Before you decide it's time to replace the HVAC system in your Havertown, PA  home, let us take a look at your ductwork. Even if the heating or air conditioning system needs to be replaced, making sure that your ductwork is properly set up is essential to getting the most out of your HVAC system, and keeping energy bills down.  The Main Line, Delaware County, and Montgomery County, PA areas have a lot of older homes that didn't have their ductwork designed properly. This is because a lot of these homes weren't built with modern technology and comfort in mind. Luckily, we can help you design, adjust, and create the perfect duct system that keeps your home comfortable all year long! 

Our Duct Services Include

  • Redesigning faulty duct systems
  • Installing dampers 
  • Sealing leaks and cracks
  • Replacing old broken, or crushed ducts
  • Properly insulating current ductwork
  • System placement to improve air flow
  • Air flow testing

Havertown, PA's Trusted Ductwork Expert

The more and more we get into homes around the area, the more we notice these issues with the ducts in homes that are causing comfort issues. According to studies, ducts can leak anywhere between 15% - 30% of the air that is passing through them. When you consider that you are paying to have this air conditioned, and then don't even get to distribute it properly throughout the home, it costing you comfort and money. 

John Cipollone, Inc. specializes in designing the proper system to FIT THE HOME. This is not a "one size fits all" solution, because each home is unique. Even if 2 homes are on the same street, they could be built differently, and the air may flow a little differently because of it. No matter what the case, we can help you get your duct system ready for success! 

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For decades, homeowners from Havertown to King of Prussia and beyond have called John Cipollone, Inc for emergency repairs, maintenance, new system installations and help improving their indoor air quality. We’re well-known for our honest, reliable service and satisfaction guarantee. 

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