Heat Pumps & Mini-Splits


Cipollone’s high-performance/high-efficiency heat pumps provide the kind of year-round comfort anyone could get used to, at a price anyone could appreciate. They provide cleaner air and quieter operations than many other heating and cooling systems, and because they simply transfer energy in and out of the house, they go a long way toward reducing your home’s carbon footprint.

Heat Pumps & Mini-Splits

Mitsubishi Mini-Splits

Ductless Mini Split
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Mitsubishi mini-split heat pumps incorporate advanced technologies like the Hot Start™ system and Hyper-Heating INVERTER to deliver year-round comfort in even the most extreme conditions, from winter blizzards to summer heat waves. Because they’re ductless, these units require a simple, non-invasive installation, and are ideal for homes that don’t have ducts or central AC systems.

Ductless System In BookshelfThey also offer a range of other great features including whisper-quiet operation and triple-allergen filtration for improved indoor air quality. Mitsubishi Ductless technology comes with many benefits that traditional air conditioning systems don’t always have. A few of the most prominent benefits are:

      • Energy Efficiency – These units don’t use as much energy as a lot of other air conditioning options. They also run independently, meaning every unit doesn’t have to be running all the time, keeping the entire home the same temperature. If you are in the living room, you don’t have to waste energy cooling the upstairs bedrooms if no one is using them. This results in significant energy savings, and lowers your energy bills.
      • Perfect for Problem Spaces – If you have a room or space in your home or business that isn’t as comfortable as it should be, a ductless unit could be a perfect solution. Many people often think they have to replace their whole system if a room (often bedrooms or basements) isn’t being cooled like the rest of the house. Adding a Mitsubishi Ductless unit will not only keep that space comfortable, but it will probably help you lower your energy bills as well, because the main system isn’t trying to overcompensate.
      • Zoned System – If you have more than one ductless unit in your home, you can choose different temps for different areas. As mentioned before, this means you can have one area at 74 degrees, while another may be down at 70. This not only helps keep energy use down, but it prevents the classic battle over the thermostat. No more fighting with your family over the temperature of the house, because everyone can have it their way with ductless units!
      • Whisper Quiet – One of the worst things about window air conditioning units, and some central air systems is the noise they make. They are loud. Simple as that. You have to turn up the tv when they are on, and it can be bothersome throughout the day. These ductless units are barely even noticeable when they are running.
      • No Ducts Needed – Putting in a ventilation system can be costly, and not every home is built with ductwork in mind. That’s why ductless is a great solution for older homes, that weren’t made with space for ductwork, or additions that can’t have ducts running to them. Mitsubishi DUCTLESS units require an outdoor condenser, as well as small tubing. No tearing down walls to adds ductwork when it comes to these.

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  • Heats and Cools – When people see ductless systems, they often think just about air conditioning in the summer. There are certain designs that only provide cooling, but certain ductless systems also provide heat in the winter! This is a huge advantage over window units and other solutions that only work half of the year.
  • Rebates – Often there are rebates available because ductless is an energy efficient solution and there are programs that promote these technologies over older, more inefficient systems. We will certainly help you find and use all the rebates available when it comes to ductless for your home or business!

As a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealer, John Cipollone, Inc. will help you choose the right mini-split heat pump to suit your specific home comfort needs, and will set up the unit to provide optimal performance and efficiency. If you have any questions or would like to learn a little more about ductless systems, give us a call at (610) 446-7877, or fill out the form below and someone will be in touch with you soon!