Indoor Air Quality System

Many people are concerned with the air they are breathing outside, but did you know that you spend the majority of your time indoors? This means the air you are breathing inside your home is likely affecting you far more than the air outside. You want to make sure you and your family are breathing the cleanest, healthiest air possible in your home. This is where we come in…

Air cleaners, carbon monoxide detectors, humidifiers, ultraviolet lamps, ventilators — Cipollone offers a full arsenal of advanced indoor air quality (IAQ) technologies to ensure that you can breathe easy and safely when you’re at home. Our Air Quality Diagnostics will help determine exactly which system is best for your residence, and our talented team of home comfort specialists will help you set everything up.

Air Scrubber GiveawayThe Air Scrubber by Aerus is one of our favorite products when it comes to cleaning the air inside of your home. This system uses ActivePure Technology to send “scrubber” particles out into the air, that will attack airborne allergens and irritants.

The Air Scrubber plugs directly into your HVAC system, so there is no switching it off and on. It simply works with your system. The Air Scrubber is great for:

  • Cleaning the air of pollutants, bacteria, and any other airborn irritants
  • Providing relief for those with breathing issues, allergies, asthma, etc.
  • Reducing odors (Ex: pet odors, smoke, etc.)
  • Reducing dust

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As Certified Carrier Healthy Air Experts, we are a great source of information when it comes to:

  • Types of indoor air quality problems
  • Identifying the right solution for each type of problem
  • Limitations of portable/room purification devices
  • Principles of air filtration
  • Industry standards for filtration and ventilation
  • Indoor air quality technologies
  • The Carrier collection of IAQ products
  • The Air Scrubber by Aerus

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