$100 Off An Air Scrubber When You Schedule Routine Maintenance

You spend a lot of your time in your home, so why wouldn’t you want to be breathing the cleanest air possible in the place you are most comfortable?

Right now we are offering $100 off an Air Scrubber when you schedule routine maintenance for your air conditioning or heating systems.

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When you install an Air Scrubber, it eliminates up to 90% of the airborne irritants, allergens, odors, and bacteria moving through the air in your home.

Using ActivePure® Technology, the air scrubber sends cleaning particles out into the air to actively clean it. Traditional filters wait for the air to flow through them and try to catch the airborne bacteria there. It is not nearly as effective as the Air Scrubber.

This is a huge benefit for:

  • Anyone with breathing issues or chronic illness, especially asthma sufferers
  • Small children
  • Elderly
  • Pet owners
  • Smokers
  • Anyone who wants to breathe the cleanest air!

If you have any questions, just give us a call at (610) 446-7877 and we can help you out!