AC Installation And Replacements In Broomall, PA

John Cipollone has been the trusted name for AC installation and replacements in Broomall, PA since 1953. We've helped homeowners and businesses here and across the Main Line with service calls, maintenance, and more. Click here or call us now at (610) 446-7877.

And, you don't have to wait until your old unit breaks down before opting for a new air conditioner installation! Today's cooling systems are much more efficient and effective than those on the market a decade ago. 

Today, upgrading can mean better comfort than ever with lower electric bills all summer thanks to more energy-efficient equipment. 

We're certified to work on all major HVAC brands. And, we specialize in ductless mini splits and high-efficiency air conditioners from Mitsubishi Electric and Carrier. 

With decades of experience, we know what systems work best in Broomall homes, from older and historic houses to new construction. Click here or call us now at (610) 446-7877.
AC Installation And Replacements In Broomall, PA

AC Installation

An air conditioner installation to replace a unit that's more than ten years old in Broomall, PA is always an improvement. You'll get better comfort and lower bills with today's models no matter what. 

Air Conditioner Repair

If you're not ready for a replacement, staying on top of air conditioner repair needs will keep your unit working longer and better. You'll still save money in the long run with a maintained unit.

Air Conditioner Replacement

Is your old cooling system on the way out? Maybe it's breaking down a lot. Or, your home is always hot and humid. We'll help make your air conditioner replacement as easy as possible.

Air Conditioner Installation In Broomall, PA

If your old AC is on the way out, or if you're just ready for a comfort and efficiency upgrade, then it's time to reach out to John Cipollone, Inc for an air conditioner installation in Broomall, PA. We'll help you find the perfect new cooling system for your home, needs, and budget. Click here or call us now at (610) 446-7877.

What do you get with a new AC installation? 

  • Lower energy bills in the summer
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Better comfort for every room
  • Brand-new warranty
  • Fewer breakdowns and repairs

AC Repair In Broomall, PA

Avoid a hot, humid summer at home by staying on top of any air conditioner repair needs. A small problem is easy to fix, but it becomes worse and more expensive if you ignore it. Click here or call us now at (610) 446-7877 for your air conditioner repair needs in Broomall, PA.

Here are a few common signs that you need an AC repair: 

  • Electric bill suddenly goes up
  • Weak air circulation
  • The system turns on and off quickly
  • Strange smells or sounds from the ducts
  • Ice or water on or around the unit

AC Replacement In Broomall, PA

Suddenly having to buy a new cooling system can be stressful, but with John Cipollone, Inc, you'll be comfortable and cool again in no time! We make air conditioner replacement as easy as possible for Broomall, PA homeowners. Click here or call us now at (610) 446-7877.

Here's how to know you may need a new AC: 

  • Breakdowns occur more often
  • Airflow is weak in the house
  • The system uses more energy than before
  • Your home is hot and humid in the summer

Home Construction Types In Broomall, PA

Single Homes

Broomall, PA sports a wide variety of single home types. They range from old-fashioned craftsman-style houses to mid-century suburban split-levels and ranches to new construction. 


While not as diverse as single homes, you'll find many different townhome styles in Broomall. We're familiar with the unique characteristics of each and always find the suitable AC for each one.


Smaller and more uniform than townhomes, we've worked in plenty of Broomall, PA rowhomes over the years. Sizing the right AC can be tricky. Our decades of experience means we get it right!


Like other places, condos in Broomall, PA range from apartment-style homes to townhouses. Along with accommodating unique space and cooling needs, we keep your equipment in line with the HOA. 

Local Spotlight: The Marple Sports Arena

A local landmark, the Marple Sports Arena is the spot in Broomall, PA for all sorts of great indoor and outdoor activities! Children and adults enjoy soccer, football, and basketball outside and roller hockey, dek hockey, and skating indoors. 

Located near Lawrence ark and I-476, the arena is a well-known venue for skating parties, fundraisers, birthdays, and other events.

If You Go:

The Marple Sports Arena is open from 8:30 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday and 8 AM to 10 PM on the weekends. 

Along with private events, the arena also hosts kids' sports leagues, adult leagues, lessons, summer camps, and more.