AC Installation And Replacement In Wynnewood, PA

Since 1953, John Cipollone, Inc. has been the trusted name for all AC  installation, service, and replacement calls for businesses and homes in Wynnewood, PA. Click here or call us now at (610) 446-7877.

With decades of experience in Delaware County and on the Main Line, we'll help you find the perfect cooling solution for you home. 

And, there's no need need to wait for your air conditioning to stop working in order to make your home more comfortable! Whether you've noticed a few warning signs that your system is on the way out, or if you're just ready to get better cooling,  we're here to help. 

Click here or call us now at (610) 446-7877.

AC Repair And Air Conditioner Repair And Service: Ardmore, PA

Air Conditioner Installation

A new air conditioner installation can transform the comfort in your home.  Today's ACs provide better cooling than older models. And, they use less energy to do the job! 

Air Conditioner Replacement

Maybe your old AC broke down for good. Or, it doesn't work nearly as well as before. With a free consultation, we'll help you decide if it's time for an air conditioner replacement. 

Air Conditioner Repair

Whether you're dealing with weak airflow, strange noises, or a house that's just too hot or humid, don't delay! Call us today for an air conditioner repair before a small problems gets much worse. 

Air Conditioner Repair In Wynnewood, PA

Your cooling system is most likely to break down when it's working its hardest during the hottest time of year.  You can avoid a hot, humid, and uncomfortable home in Wynnewood, PA by calling John Cipollone for air conditioner repair as soon as you notice the warning signs of a problem.  Click here or call us now at (610) 446-7877

Addressing a minor issue early saves you money and frustration before a small problem becomes bigger and more expensive.  You may need an AC repair If you notice: 

  • - Weak airflow in parts of the house
  • -  Unusually loud noises from the system
  • - Ice around the AC or a frozen coil
  • -  Water leaking on the floor near the unit

AC Replacement In Wynnewood, PA

Central air conditioners can last up to 20 years. But, even with annual tune-ups and professional maintenance, you'll eventually need a new system. It's time for AC replacement when it's not worth spending more money to keep repairing an old unit.  You can click here for a free consultation for an AC  replacement in your Wynnewood, PA home. Or, call us at (610) 446-7877.

You'll know it's time to consider an air conditioner replacement when:

  • - It's too hot and humid inside
  • - Your AC keeps breaking down
  • - Electric bills are higher each summer
  • -  The central air is over ten years old

John Cipollone, Inc. also offers rebates and financing to keep the right heating an cooling system in your budget. 

AC Installation in Wynnewood, PA

A lot of people don't consider a new cooling system until theirs breaks down. But, there are plenty of reasons to consider an AC installation for your Ardmore, PA home before there's a problem. A new system can provide better comfort and cost you much less on your monthly bills. Click here or call John Cipollone, Inc now at (610) 446-7877 for a free consultation. 

What can you get with a new  AC system?

  • - Improved comfort in every room
  • - Lower electric bills in the summer
  • - Better energy efficiency
  • - A new system that lasts for longer
  • - A brand-new warranty for your system

Home Construction Types In Wynnewood, PA

Single Homes

Single homes in Ardmore, PA run the gamut from historic homes to mid-century ranches and split-levels to contemporary homes.  We'll help you find the right HVAC system for any type of home. 


Townhome in Wynnewood, PA don't come in as many varieties as single homes. But, each one has different qualities and characteristics.  We can fit any townhome with the perfect cooling system.


You can find plenty of rowhomes in Wynnewood.   Sometimes, adding central air is difficult in a small space. Or the old system was incorrectly sized.  But, we're always able to find the right system for each home. 


Condos come in all shapes and sizes here in Wynnewood. And, John Cipollone, Inc will help you find the right air conditioner to keep you comfortable and stay in line with your HOA regulations.

Local Spotlight: The Merion Botanical Park

Located minutes from St. Joseph's University between Wynnewood and Merion roads, the Merion Botanical Park is a 13-acre park featuring a wide variety of the beautiful trees, shrubs, herbs, and flowers native to Pennsylvania.

Founded in 1944, the park's mission is to collect plants native to Pennsylvania and educate people about them. Run by the The Botanical Society of Lower Merion, the group maintains the ground along with offering educational events, tours, tree planting programs, forest restoration, and other projects. 

If You Go

The Merion Botanical Park is open to the public from 7 AM to 9 PM seven days a week. 

Volunteers are also welcome on park work days, which occur one Saturday per month.