AC Repair And Service In Haverford, PA

Since 1953, John Cipollone has been the trusted name for AC repair and service for Haverford, PA homes and businesses. Click here or call us at (610) 446-7877 for any cooling problem, large or small. 

The sooner you get even a slight problem taken care of, the better. A quick, inexpensive air conditioner repair can prevent a more costly and more damaging issue later on. 

At John Cipollone, we focus on high-efficiency conventional air conditioning systems and ductless mini splits from Carrier and Mitsubishi Ductless. Our technicians are also trained on and certified for many other brands and models. 

And with decades of experience on the Main Line, we're ready for anything. We're familiar with the different types of homes in Haverford, Wynnewood, and other nearby towns. And with the unique cooling challenges and characteristics, they all have. Click here or call John Cipollone at (610) 446-7877

AC Repair And Air Conditioner Repair And Service: Ardmore, PA

Air Conditioner Service

The best way to avoid problems with your cooling system is to have it regularly maintained with professional service and annual tune-ups. Keeping it in great shape now avoids breakdowns later.

Air Conditioner Service

Eventually, you'll run into a problem with your cooling system, no matter how well you maintain it. When you do call someone for an air conditioner, you need someone that knows your system well.

Air Conditioner Installation

If you're constantly calling your HVAC company for AC repairs, then maybe it's time to consider an air conditioner replacement. You'll save money in the long run and keep your home cooler.

Air Conditioner Repair In Haverford, PA

John Cipollone, Inc. has been servicing, fixing, and installing heating and cooling systems on the Main Line since 1953. Click here or call us for air conditioner repair in Haverford, PA at (610) 446-7877.

Catching a small problem before it gets worse can save you headaches and a ton of money. If you let a small issue go too long, it will become much worse and much more costly to fix. Signs you need to call a professional are: 

  • Weird noises and smells
  • Sudden, weaker airflow
  • Ice or leaking water on the unit
  • Electric bills suddenly go up

Air Conditioner Service In Haverford, PA

You'll be more comfortable and save money in the long run with regular air conditioner service in your Haverford, PA home or business. We've built an excellent reputation over the decades for our superb, reliable work on the Main Line. Click here or call John Cipollone at (610) 446-7877

Benefits of regular AC service include: 

  • Better comfort every summer
  • Lower electric bills
  • Fewer expensive AC breakdowns
  • Keep your warranty valid

Air Conditioner Replacement In Haverford, PA

When it's time for a new AC, John Cipollone is the trusted name for air conditioner replacement in Haverford, PA and on the Main Line. We've been helping homeowners and businesses on the Main Line since 1953. Click here or call John Cipollone at (610) 446-7877

Your average AC can service your home anywhere from 10 to 17 years. And, you'll get closest to that two-decade mark with annual tune-ups. But every appliance will eventually break down. 

When that happens, you need a reliable HVAC contractor who not only knows about air conditioners but also the area where you live. That means the types of homes and their unique characteristics and cooling needs. 

Signs it's time to consider a new AC include: 

  • Weak air circulation this year
  • Energy bills getting higher each summer
  • The system keeps breaking down/needing repairs
  • AC is more than a decade old

Home Construction Types In Haverford, PA

Single Homes

Haverford single homes vary from craftsman-style homes, often with dormers and finished attics, to ranchers and split-levels, to newer construction. Each style has its own unique cooling needs.


Townhomes in Haverford also come in a variety of styles, although they're not as diverse as the selection of single homes. You'll find older homes plus newer houses with open-plan first floors.


Like nearby Havertown, you'll find plenty of rowhomes in Haverford. They're sometimes smaller than townhomes and require special attention to make sure you get the right-sized air conditioner.


There are a lot of different condo styles here in Havertown. They vary from apartment-style dwellings to larger townhomes or one-floor homes. And your AC must meet HOA requirements.

Local Spotlight: The Main Line Art Center

The Main Line Art Center features regular exhibitions and a wide range of classes for both children and adults. The center's mission is to foster a community-oriented place where people of all abilities, ages, economic means, and walks of life can discover and enjoy the visual arts. 

Along with its programming, the Main Line Art Center helps the surrounding communities with more than $16,000 in needs-based scholarships awarded every year.

If You Go:

The Main Line art Center is open to the public Monday through Saturday with exhibitions, special events, and classes.  

The hours of operation are 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday and 9 AM to 4 PM on Saturdays. It's located at 746 Panmure Road near Lancaster Ave and between the Haverford and Bryn Mawr train Stations.