AC Repair And Service In Ardmore, PA

John Cipollone Inc. has been provided AC  repair, replacements, and installations for homes and businesses in Ardmore, PA since 1953.

Even if you keep your system well-maintained and have professional service done every year, there will come a day that it breaks down and you'll need an air conditioner repair or replacement. 

We specialize in high efficiency air conditioning systems including Carrier and Mitsubishi Electric. We can service, repair, replace, or install air conditioning systems of any sort, in any kind of home or business. 

We have worked in all sorts of different construction types around Ardmore, including single homes, townhouses, rowhomes, twins, and condos. 

If you need to are looking for help with an AC repair or replacement click here, or call us now at (610) 446-7877.

AC Repair And Air Conditioner Repair And Service: Ardmore, PA

Air Conditioner Repair

If your air conditioning system isn't working properly, we can help you out. Whether it's blowing hot air or you have a frozen coil, we have seen it all, and if your system is fixable, we can do it.

Air Conditioner Replacement

Sometimes your air conditioner isn't fixable. If it's the time to replace your system, we have options that will fit any home, and make sure you are getting the right system for your needs. 

Air Conditioner Installation

Installing air conditioning systems in Ardmore, PA is nothing new for us. We make sure you get the right, energy efficient equipment that keeps your home comfortable all Summer.

Air Conditioner Repair In Ardmore, PA

We repair air conditioning systems in the Ardmore, PA area. A broken air conditioner is always a frustrating situation when it happens to your home or business. Not only is it an uncommon problem to deal with, but it's almost always happening when you NEED your air conditioner. Sitting in a hot home, knowing the temperature is going to continue to rise while your AC is busted is a terrible feeling. 

You may need an AC repair If you notice: 

  • - Leaks in your system
  • - Hot or warm air being blown
  • - Not every room is feeling the AC
  • - Your AC is making unusually loud noises
  • - Your energy bills are unusually high

These are all common signs that there is an issue with your AC system that may need to be repaired. Sometimes it's a simple fix that keeps your system running and lengthens the lifespan of it. 

Air Conditioner Replacement in Ardmore, PA

Unfortunately, sometimes a repair isn't enough and the you may need an AC replacement. Every system gets to that point where it's not worth sinking money into an older, failing system, but instead makes more sense to replace your AC. 

When you replace your failing AC system, you are making large improvements to your comfort situation, and can even save money in the long run. A failing, older AC system costs you more to run, doesn't keep you as cool, and also runs the risk of breaking down, costing you for repairs. 

Replace your old AC with a new, energy efficient one. When you replace your old AC system, you will: 

  • - Improve your home comfort
  • - Increase your energy efficiency, lowering your energy bills
  • - Not have to worry about a new system for 10+ years
  • - Have a warranty on a new system

Rebates and financing are also great ways to make sure that you get the right system and the best possible price for your Ardmore, PA home! 

Air Conditioning Installation in Ardmore, PA

Just like we mentioned above, we perform AC installations and replacements in Ardmore, PA. When people think of an AC replacement, it's almost always because their old system was breaking down. But, installing a new AC system doesn't have to be just because the old AC system was dying. 

Lots of Ardmore homeowners and businesses simply want better cooling. Installing a new AC system comes with a ton of benefits. 

  • - You will have the latest and most up to date cooling technology
  • - Your home or business will be more comfortable than ever
  • - Newer systems are energy efficient, and will keep your energy bills down. 
  • - New systems should last for at least 10+ years, so this should be a long term solution
  • - Your new system will come with a warranty 

Home Construction Types In Ardmore, PA

Single Homes

Single homes in Ardmore aren't all exactly the same. There are different builds and sizes, and not every one can be treated just like the others. We make sure that we get the right system and design that fits the home.


Townhomes in Ardmore are similar to the single homes. There is a bit more uniformity to them, but just like any home, there are unique qualities. We can fit any townhome with the perfect AC that specializes in energy efficiency.


Rowhomes are so common in our area. We have worked in lots of rowhomes before, and know the little intricacies that make then different when it comes to air conditioning. 


Condos are great spaces, and are easy to keep comfortable with the right equipment. We can set a condo up with the perfect air conditioning system for their design.

Local Spotlight: The Ardmore Music Hall

The Ardmore Music Hall at 23 East Lancaster Avenue has hosted some incredible acts for the past 40+ years. The music hall hosts all kinds of acts, from rock and roll to hip hop, jam bands, funk, Americana, and more. 

Formerly known as 23 East Cabaret, and then Brownies 23 East, the club has a rich history of incredible artists who have taken the stage over the years. Today, the Ardmore Music Hall is independently-owned and operated. They've teamed up with the restaurant The Ripplewood to offer an incredible entertainment experience, as well as an incredible menu!  

Who's Played Here?

The Ardmore Music Hall has hosted some incredible acts in their history, including Dave Matthew's Band, The Ramones, Phish, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hootie and the Blowfish, The Pretenders, Blues Traveler, and more.