AC Replacement And Installation In Haverford, PA

Residents and business owners have trusted John Cipollone, Inc. for expert, reliable AC replacement and installations in Haverford, PA since 1953. Click here or call John Cipollone at (610) 446-7877.

Air conditioners often last between 10 and 17 years. The ones that get close to two decades of service are professionally maintained with regular service and annual tune-ups. But, even the best-kept appliances will break down eventually.

When that happens, you need a trusted contractor to make sure your air conditioner replacement meets all your needs. And that you're not left hot, humid, and sticky for too long in the middle of summer! 

John Cipollone, Inc. specializes in high-efficiency cooling systems from Carrier and Mitsubishi Electric. We're also certified to work on other major brands, from high-end models down to builder-grade HVAC appliances. 

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AC Repair And Air Conditioner Repair And Service: Ardmore, PA

Air Conditioner Replacement

If your old AC broke down or keeps giving you problems, then it's time to call for an air conditioner replacement. The good news? A new system provides better comfort and uses less energy to run.

Air Conditioner Service

The secret to keeping your cooling system working for as long as possible is regular maintenance and annual tune-ups. Your system will perform better and cost you less over time. 

Air Conditioner Installation

You don't need to wait for a breakdown to improve your home's comfort! Today's new air conditioners are much more effective and energy-efficient than even a ten-year-old model.

Air Conditioner Replacement In Haverford, PA

Since 1953, John Cipollone has provided expert, reliable air conditioner replacement and another service for Haverford PA homes and businesses. Click here or call (610) 446-7877.

A well-maintained air conditioner can last well over a decade. But, that requires regular maintenance and service. And, eventually, any appliance will break down for good. But, before that happens, you'll notice warning signs along the way that it's time to start considering a new one. 

Signs that you may need a new AC soon include: 

  • Home is more hot and humid in the summer
  • You're constantly calling for repairs
  • Electric bills get higher each summer
  • Weak airflow coming through the vents
  • Your unit is well over ten years old

Air Conditioner Service In Haverford, PA

John Cipollone has expert, certified technicians to handle all air conditioner service calls for Haverford, PA homes and businesses. Click here or call us at (610) 446-7877.

Regular maintenance and annual tune-ups are the secrets to a long-lasting cooling system! Keeping your unit in great shape is fast and inexpensive. And it pays off for years to come

Benefits of regular AC service include: 

  • Your system lasts for more summers
  • Your home stays cool and comfortable
  • You pay less on your electric bills
  • You avoid uncomfortable and expensive breakdowns

Air Conditioner Installation In Haverford, PA

When it's time for an air conditioner installation in your Haverford, PA home or business, click here or call John Cipollone at (610) 446-7877. We've been the trusted name in HVAC on the Main Line since 1953.

And, you don't need to wait for your old system to break down for good before investing in a new one! Whether you want lower energy bills, fix a room that's always too hot, or finally get that comfort upgrade, a new AC can do the job. 

Benefits of a new cooling system include: 

  • Less humidity in the summertime
  • Lower energy bills in the warm weather
  • A brand-new warranty for your system
  • New AC will last well over ten years
  • Better energy efficiency and lower carbon footprint

Home Construction Types In Haverford, PA

Single Homes

You'll find many craftsman-style homes and houses with dormers and finished attics in Haverford, PA. There are also newer homes and classic suburban split-levels and ranchers.


While not as diverse in selection as single homes, townhomes here come in a variety of layouts and sizes, from traditional to more open-plan design. Each one has unique heating and cooling needs.


Haverford, PA and nearby Havertown feature more rowhomes than other Main Line towns. They're often 50 years old or older and need extra attention when sizing for the right cooling load.


Like townhomes, you'll find several different styles of condominiums here. Whether you have a house or apartment-style dwelling, choosing an AC that's in line with your HOA is essential.

Local Spotlight: The Main Line Art Center

The Main Line Art Center is a community-oriented space where people of all ages, abilities, and economic means can create, discover, and experience the visual arts.

Along with featuring excellent local artists in regular exhibitions, the Center also offers various classes for children and adults. 

Beyond its walls, the Main Line Art Center reaches out to the community by awarding more than $16,000 a year in needs-based scholarships.

If You Go:

The Main Line art Center hosts onsite events and classes Monday through Saturday. The gallery is also open to the public on those days.

 The hours of operation are 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday and 9 AM to 4 PM on Saturdays.