AC Replacement And Installations In Radnor, PA

Since 1953, John Cipollone, Inc has been the reliable, trusted name for AC replacement and installations in Radnor, PA. Whether you need a service call, repairs, or a free consultation for a new cooling system, click here or call us now at (610) 446-7877.

Even the best-maintained system will break down eventually. Most air conditioners last between 10 and 15 years. When it's time for a new system, we're here to make sure your air conditioner replacement keeps your home comfortable for years to come.

We specialize in high-efficiency cooling systems from Carrier and Mitsubishi Electric. That includes ductless mini splits along with conventional central air and other products. 

With decades of experience and an excellent reputation in Radnor, PA, and other towns on the Main Line, we know how to size each system properly for your home and help you find the perfect setup for your needs. Click here or call us now at (610) 446-7877.

AC Replacement And Installations In Radnor, PA

Air Conditioner Installation

You don't need to wait for your old air conditioner to break down before getting a comfort upgrade! A new air conditioner installation cools your house better while saving you money.

Air Conditioner Repair

Keep your AC running smoothly all summer! Calling for an air conditioner repair when there's a slight problem saves you headaches and more significant expenses down the road.

AC Replacement

Even the best-kept ACs will break down for good eventually. That's why we make every air conditioner replacement as easy as possible for our homeowners.

We'll get your home comfortable again as soon as possible.

Air Conditioner Installation In Radnor, PA

Many people don't consider getting a new cooling system until their old one no longer works. But, there are plenty of reasons to consider a new air conditioner installation for your Radnor, PA home. You'll be more comfortable and spend less money each month. Click here or call us now at (610) 446-7877 for a free consultation. 

Why get a new air conditioner? 

  • Better comfort throughout the house
  • Brand-new warranty on your equipment
  • Lower utility bills in the summertime
  • Better energy efficiency overall
  • Longer-lasting system with fewer problems

AC Repair In Radnor, PA

Call John Cipollone at (610) 446-7877 or click here or call us for AC repair in Radnor, PA. When you take care of an air conditioner problem before a breakdown, you prevent more costly repairs. And, you stay comfortable for longer, without suffering through a hot and humid summer. 

What are some signs that you need an air conditioner repair? 

  • It's getting too hot and humid inside
  • Your electric bill suddenly gets higher
  • You hear strange noises through the vents
  • There are strange or foul smells from the system
  • The AC keeps turning on and off quickly

Air Conditioner Replacement In Radnor, PA

When it's time for an air conditioner replacement in your Radnor, PA home, click here or call John Cipollone at (610) 446-7877. The average air conditioner lasts between 10 and 17 years. If yours is getting older, it's time to start thinking about a new one. 

Here are some signs it's time to start thinking about a new AC:

  • Weak circulation through the vents
  • The current air conditioner keeps breaking down
  • Electric bill gets higher every summer
  • The system is well over ten years old

Furnace Installation In Radnor, PA

Is it time for a new furnace installation in Radnor, PA? If you're replacing your central air, it's best to put in a new furnace at the same time. This way, your entire system is compatible and optimized for energy efficiency. Even if your heat is still working, it may not be performing as well if the heater is much older than 10 years. And, a new one will feel like an instant upgrade.

Home Construction Types In Radnor, PA

Single Homes

Here in Radnor, PA you'll find all kinds of single homes: Large old estates, historic houses, mid-century split-levels and ranches, and newer construction. Each has its own unique HVAC needs.


The townhomes in Radnor aren't as diverse as the single homes, but there's still a whole lot of variety. And, each one has its unique characteristic when it comes to heating and cooling.


Rowhomes aren't as common as other houses in Radnor, but you'll still find them. The biggest challenge is sizing an AC system properly for these homes. We know how to get it right the first time!


Radnor, PA condos come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. You can get a townhome-style one or an apartment in a co-op. Either way, we'll keep you cool while staying within HOA regulations.

Local Spotlight: The Willows Park

The Willows Park is a sprawling 47.5-acre estate and park right in the heart of Radnor, PA. The cornerstone is a beautifully-restored three-story mansion. It's so named for the lush willow trees that surround the house. 

It's surrounded by acres of landscaped grounds, a pond, fountains, trees, and plants. You can enjoy the scenery, take a hike, have a picnic, or do some fishing or grilling. 

If You Go:

The Willows Park is located at 490 Darby-Paoli Road, as part of the larger Skunk Hollow Park. It's not far from the Ardrossan Estate and the Newtown Square Historical Society & Paper Mill House Museum. The park is open daily from dawn to dusk.