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Family-Owned Fuel Oil Company And Heater Service In Havertown, PA

Havertown, PA homeowners have trusted John Cipollone, Inc as their fuel oil company since 1953. We’re still family-owned and operated today, and we provide heater service with every delivery. To schedule your oil delivery, click below or call us at (610) 446-7877.

Fuel Oil Companies In Havertown, PA | John Cipollone, IncJohn Cipollone provides fuel oil to homes in Havertown zip code 19083 and Ardmore, Haverford, Wynnewood, and other Main Line towns. 

About Our Town: Havertown has only been an independent town since 1963! Before that, it was a collection of communities, including Brookline, Beechwood, and Llanerch. 

We’re a step above your basic fuel oil companies! First, our heater service with every visit ensures your HVAC system is in excellent working order. This service prevents breakdowns and reduces the amount of oil it uses, both of which save you money. 

And, with our cap budget program, you’ll lock into the best oil prices for the year no matter how high they go later on. 

We offer 24-hour and emergency delivery to existing customers. New customers will get their first inspection and delivery within a few days of calling. After that, you can also sign up for automatic delivery to ensure you never run out! 

To learn more or schedule a visit, click below or call us at (610) 446-7877.

How Many Gallons Of Oil Does It Take To Heat A House?

The exact amount of oil your home needs depends on its size and insulation, along with the weather and wind chill. However, most Main Line homes use 16 gallons a day as a general rule. That’s between one and two per hour, running eight hours a day.

Local Spotlight: Pennsy Trail

This small rail-trail runs just 1.2 miles through Havertown, with three places to park and enter the trail. In particular, the northern end features a lot of shade and stays cool in the summer.

If You Go

The Pennsy Trail runs from Llanerch Avenue and Langhorne Avenue in Havertown to the YMCA Parking Lot on South Eagle Road. There’s also parking near the end of Princeton Road past Manor Road.