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Family-Owned Fuel Oil Company And Heater Service In Springfield, PA

John Cipollone, Inc has been the trusted fuel oil company for heating oil delivery and heater service in Springfield, PA since 1953. Today, we’re still family-owned and operated and offer full service with each delivery. Click below or call (610) 446-7877 to become a customer.

Fuel Oil Companies In Springfield, PA | John Cipollone IncOur customers trust us to keep their homes warm all winter. And, that doesn’t mean just by delivering oil. They also know we make sure their system runs properly to avoid problems between visits. 

We offer oil delivery to Springfield, PA zip codes 19018, 19064, 19070, and 19081, along with servicing other towns on the Main Line. 

Existing customers can get 24-hour and emergency oil delivery. We also offer automatic delivery, where we track your oil usage and call when you’re getting low. And, with our cap budget plan, you’ll lock into the best prices for the year, no matter how much oil prices go up. 

To become a service member or schedule a delivery, call us at (610) 446-7877. New customers can pay by credit card upon delivery. You’ll get your first delivery and service inspection within a few days of that first call. 

Fun Fact: The stretch of Baltimore Pike that runs through Springfield is nicknamed “The Golden Mile” for its history of hosting dozens of businesses, particularly car dealerships. Residential communities surround the commercial corridor.

What's The Smallest Amount Of Heating Oil You Can OrderWhat Is The Smallest Amount Of Heating Oil You Can Order?

The smallest amount of heating oil you can order is 150 gallons. That’s a little more than half for an average 275-gallon tank. You should always keep at least a quarter tank at all times to avoid running out, especially on cold days.

Local Spotlight: Woodland Park

At 26 acres, Woodland Park is the largest park in Springfield, PA. The natural environment park offers beautiful woodlands and a quiet retreat from local residential tracks and businesses. 

If You Go

You can enter Woodland Park on Woodland Avenue between Rhodes Drive and Spring Valley Road. It’s not far from Spring Valley Park and the Dairy Cottage. It’s open daily from 6 am to 9 pm.