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Family-Owned Fuel Oil Company And Heater Service In Villanova PA

John Cipollone, Inc. has been the fuel oil company for Villanova, PA homes since 1953. We’re family-owned and operated, and our customers get heater service with every visit. Click below or call (610) 446-7877 to schedule a delivery.

Fuel Oil Companies In Villanova, PA | John Cipollone, IncOur full-service delivery sets us apart from the competition! We don’t just fill your tank and leave. Instead, our technicians take the time to clean and inspect your heater every time we come out.

As a result, our customers are always confident their heating system will keep them warm no matter how cold it gets. And, they save money by addressing minor problems before they become bigger and more expensive repair calls.

And, with our cap budget pricing plan, you’ll lock into the year’s best rates no matter how high oil prices climb in the months ahead.

We deliver oil to homes in Villanova zip codes 19010, 19085, 19807, 19089, and 19428. We also service Ardmore, Haverford, and other towns on the Mainline. Call us at (610) 446-7877 to schedule your first inspection and delivery.

Fun Fact: The Wrenfield section of Villanova boasts some of the biggest and oldest historic homes on the Main Line! In particular, you’ll find many sprawling French carriage homes there.

How Long Will Your Heating Oil Last?

How Long Will 100 Gallons Of Oil Last?

It’s impossible to estimate how much oil your home needs without seeing it. Your heating load depends on your square footage and insulation, plus the temperature and wind chill. But, on average, Villanova homes use up to 16 gallons a day on the coldest days.

It’s essential, then, to always ensure you have at least a quarter of a tank at all times. Our existing customers get 24-hour and emergency delivery. They can also sign up for automatic delivery.

Local Spotlight: Villanova Theater

As part of Villanova University, the Villanova Theater mounts classical, modern, and contemporary dramatic productions for everyone to enjoy. Students, theatre enthusiasts, and local community members alike can enjoy the work of the artists and scholars behind each season. 

If You Go

The Villanova Theater is located in the John and Joan Mullen Center for the Performing Arts on the University campus. The address is 800 Lancaster Avenue at the intersection of South Ithan Avenue.