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Expert Furnace Installation For Radnor, PA Homeowners And Businesses

Furnace Installation In Radnor, PA - John Cipollone, Inc.When it comes to furnace installation in Radnor, PA, John Cipollone Inc. is your company. We are a family owned and operated HVAC company that has been heating and cooling homes and businesses in the Radnor area for over 60 years.

Four Signs Of Furnace Problems

There are some obvious signs your furnace is having problems, but here are just a few that will let you know it’s time to call the professionals:

  1. Your System Is Blowing Cool Air
  2. Your System Is Making Large Banging And Clunking Noises
  3. Your Energy Bills Are Far Higher Than Normal
  4. Your System Shuts On And Off More Often Than Usual

How Much Should It Cost To Install A Furnace?

It all depends on what kind of system you choose, but the cost to install a furnace usually ranges from $7000 to $25,000. There are many different sizes, types, efficiency levels, and more that can affect the cost of a system, and what it costs to have it installed. 

You may also need new ductwork, or ductwork adjustments that can factor into the cost of the installation. The best thing to do is get a few estimates and see what the best system is for your situation!

What To Consider When Choosing A New Furnace

What To Consider When Buying A New FurnaceYou should consider how large of a system you need, how efficient of a system you want, and what type of furnace you want. It’s easy to just look at the sticker price of the system and installation costs, and decide based on what it’ll cost.

When you consider efficiency ratings, this will directly impact how much your system will cost to run. Your furnace is going to be in your home for 15+ years, so making sure that your energy bills aren’t out of control is important.

Getting a professional opinion is a great idea when you are considering installing a new furnace.

Local Spotlight: Radnor Memorial Park

Radnor Memorial Park is a hub for local youth and adult sporting events, and general recreation. Along with a fitness walking path and comfort stations, the seven-acre park boasts a multipurpose athletic field for year-round use. 

If You Go

You’ll find Radnor Memorial Park at 61 Matsonford Road at the corner of Matsonfod and King of Prussia Road. It’s open from 6:30 am to 9 pm Monday through Saturday and 7 am to 9:30 pm on Sundays.