Furnace Repair In Broomall, PA

John Cipollone, Inc. has been the trusted name for reliable, expert furnace repair in Broomall, PA for more than 60 years. We've served the Main Line since 1953 and have earned an excellent reputation and five-star reviews over the years. Click here or call (610) 446-7877 for an appointment.

Along with our deep knowledge of virtually every type of heater and air conditioner, we're also intimately familiar with the different types of homes here in Broomall, Wynnewood, Haverford, and other Main Line communities. 

From century-old Craftsman houses to contemporary condos and new construction, we know all about the various heating challenges and common problems in every home in the area. 

John Cipollone, Inc specializes in high-efficiency furnaces and heat pump systems from Mitsubishi Electric and Carrier. We're also certified to work on other top brands. 

Whether you have a heat pump, furnace, boiler or radiator, or gas, oil, or electric heat, we can keep your home warm all winter long. Click here or call (610) 446-7877 for an appointment.

Furnace Repair In Broomall, PA

Why Does My Furnace Smell Like Burning?

A faint burning smell is typical when you first turn on the furnace in the fall. Any dust settled on or in the furnace burns up when hot air starts to rushes through. But, if the odor is strong or won't go away, there may be a bigger problem.

Depending on the smell, you may have an electrical problem, a gas leak, or even a dead animal on or near your system. Call an HVAC professional if you notice smells like urine, plastic burning, or rotten eggs. Or if a burning smell doesn't go away in a day. '

You can click here or call (610) 446-7877 for an appointment in Haverford, PA or anywhere on the Main Line. Learn more about different HVAC smells here. Or, check out our learning library for more HVAC FAQs.  

Do I Need A Furnace Tune-Up For My Broomall, PA Home?

If you've never had any preventative maintenance done on the furnace in your Broomall, PA home, this is the season for it! A quick tune-up in the fall can prevent all sorts of problems. And, it can save you a whole lot of money in the long run. 

Think of it like getting the oil changed in your car: When you do it regularly, the motor lasts much longer. And, you get better gas mileage. 

The same principle applies to your heating system. And, you don't need to do it every three months. 

Instead, you just need a single one-hour appointment before the cold really kicks in. That's all the time our certified HVAC techs need to go over dozens of checkpoints to make sure your furnace is in tip-top shape. 

And, when they're done, your system will be ready to work great all winter long. That means less chance of a breakdown and a longer life overall. Plus lower utility bills because an optimized system requires less energy to get the job done. 

Click here or call (610) 446-7877 for an appointment.

Local Spotlight: The 1696 Thomas Massey House

One of the most significant historical sites in Southeastern PA, the 1696 Thomas Massey House is one of the most authentic colonial-period attractions in the area. 

History buffs, architecture students and tourists alike have come to enjoy the detailed restorations, educational tours, historically-themed events, and even fine dining.