Furnace Repair In Radnor, PA

Since 1953, John Cipollone, Inc has provided furnace repairs in Radnor, PA and other Main Line towns. We've built an excellent reputation for fast, reliable, expert work. And, we have the five-star reviews and A+ BBB Rating to prove it! Click here or call (610) 446-7877 for an appointment.

John Cipollone, Inc specializes in high-efficiency heat pump systems and furnaces from Mitsubishi Electric and Carrier. We're also certified to work on plenty of other systems, from the top names in the businesses to construction-grade equipment. 

And, more than just HVAC, we also know the Main Line! We know all about each home's unique heating needs and challenges, from the old Victorian mansions near Villanova to the Craftsman twins in Havertown and the rowhomes in Broomall. 

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Furnace Repair In Radnor, PA

Do I Need A Furnace Tune-Up For My Broomall, PA Home?

If you haven't had a furnace tune-up over the last few years, here are four great reasons to get one this fall! Preventative maintenance for your Radnor, PA HVAC system means you get:

  1. Better heating all winter
  2. More seasons from your current furnace
  3. Less chance of a breakdown 
  4. Lower energy bills.

You can read more about tune-ups in our article here. To sum things up, we send out a certified HVAC tech to look at dozens of checkpoints in, on, and around your furnace. 

If something's broken or looks like it won't last through the season, they'll replace it. That way, it doesn't cause a bigger problem when you need your heat the most. 

They'll also clean out any dust or dirt and ensure all the moving parts are in working order. 

The result? A furnace that works great and uses less energy to get the job done. 

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How Do I Know If My Furnace Is Broken?

Here are four HVAC warning signs to watch for. One or more many mean your furnace is broken: 

  1. Banging or clanging noises from the unit
  2. Strange or strong odors coming through the vents
  3. Energy bills rise sharply and suddenly
  4. Weak air circulation in one or more rooms in the house

A broken furnace doesn't always break down completely. Instead, it often continues working. It just won't do a great job, leaving you cold or with high energy bills in the winter. And, the longer you go without fixing the problem, the worse it will get. 

If you'd like to learn more about these warning signs and what they indicate, you can read more here and here. Or, if you're worried about what your furnace is doing, click here or call (610) 446-7877 right away for an appointment.

Local Spotlight: Stoneleigh Gardens

With the tagline "Native Plants With A Twist," Stoneleigh Gardens is more than just a celebration of local flora and fauna — although you'll find plenty of that here, too! 

Located on County Line Road near East Spring Mill Road, Stoneleigh Gardens also holds various events throughout the year. They include yoga classes, insect walks, and even music lessons for young children. You can also tour the historic estate onsite here.