Furnace Repair In Wynnewood, PA

Click here or call John Cipolline Inc at (610) 446-7877 for expert, reliable furnace repair in Wynnewood, PA. We've kept homes and businesses on the Main Line warm and comfortable, winter after winter, since 1953.

We specialize in high-efficiency furnaces and heat pump systems from Carrier and Mitsubishi Electric. And, we're certified to work on all major brands, from top names to builder-grade models. 

And, thanks to our decades of experience on the Main Line, we know about more than just equipment: We also know houses! 

From the larger estates here in Wynnewood to the Craftsman twins in Haverford, the rowhomes in Havertown, the classic split-levels in Broomall, and the condos and new construction dotted across the area, we know all about each style's unique heating needs and challenges. 

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Furnace Repair In Wynnewood, PA

Four Common Signs That Something's Wrong With Your Furnace

Is something not quite right with your heating? Maybe it's time to call a professional. Reach out to us at John Cipollone, Inc. if you notice any of these happening with your furnace:

  1. Air circulation is suddenly weaker
  2. Furnace turns off and on again every few minutes
  3. Energy bills are much higher than last winter
  4. Strange smells or sounds coming through the vents.

Don't wait until a small problem gets much worse! You'll save a lot of money -- and avoid a whole lot of stress -- when you call your HVAC contractor to address a minor concern before it gets much worse. 

You can read more about the warning signs we mentioned here, and here. Or, visit or learning library here

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What Are The Benefits Of A Fall Furnace Tune-Up In Wynnewood, PA?

The best way to avoid a problem with the heat this winter in your Wynnewood, PA home is by getting a quick furnace tune-up in the fall. 

This way, you'll be confident your system will keep you comfortable no matter how cold it gets. And, you'll save money in the process. 

You can read more about tune-ups here. But, the long-story-short is that we have a certified tech check dozens of items inside and out on your furnace. 

They'll make sure everything's in excellent working order. And, they'll replace any parts that are broken or look like they won't last through another season. 

An optimized system uses less gas, oil, or electricity than one that hasn't been serviced. And, it will provide better heat all winter, too. 

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Local Spotlight: Penn Wynne Library

Regulars call the Penn Wynne the "'Cheers' of libraries!" For years, this particular branch has made a name for itself thanks to its friendly staff and many, many community events throughout the year. 

Browse their calendar, and you'll find all the usual events like storytimes and literary-themed offerings. Then there's also visits from ice cream trucks, tye-dye workshops, superhero dress-up contests, needlepoint, and much more!