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Expert Heat Pump Installation For Broomall, PA Homes And Businesses

Heat Pump Installation In Broomall, PA - John Cipollone, IncJohn Cipollone Inc. specializes in heat pump installations in Broomall, PA. We are a family owned and operated HVAC contractor with over 60 years of experience. From diagnosing your old heating system to replacing and servicing your new furnace, we are here to make sure you are warm and toasty at home!

Four Reasons To Install A Heat Pump

  1. Increasing Energy Efficiency
  2. Improving Your Home Comfort
  3. Use For AC In The Summer
  4. Safe And Clean Heat

Learn more about the benefits of heat pumps in our Learning Library.

Can I Install A Heat Pump Myself?

The truth is that you can absolutely install a heat pump by yourself, but that doesn’t mean you should. One of the biggest misconceptions is that installing the system yourself will save tons of money, but truthfully, it can cost more than it saves. Big problems can arise, and your system can be ruined, or at least need to be reinstalled.

We recommend having a professional install your heat pump system, even if you are a DIY pro. You can give yourself stitches, but wouldn’t it be better if you went to a doctor?

Ducted Heat Pump Vs. Mini Split

What Does A Ductless Mini Split Cost?A ducted heat pump is a great way to heat your home, but we also love mini splits! The biggest difference is the ducts and vent system needed in your home. A ductless mini split doesn’t require it, but a ducted heat pump does.

A mini split system can also easily use zoned comfort. This means one mini split can be running, while the other is off. Or maybe they can be running at different temperatures.

The truth is, both systems do a great job. We recommend bringing in a professional to help you choose what the best system is for your situation!

Local Spotlight: The 1696 Thomas Massey House

Did you know that one of Pennsylvania’s oldest English Quaker homes is located right here in Broomall? The historic 1696 Thomas Massey House is a two-story brick-and-stone home built by the English Quaker settler more than four centuries ago. Today, it’s open for tours, dinners, special events, and more.

If You Go

The 1696 Thomas Massey House is located at 469 Lawrence Road near Sproul Road. You can check their calendar for special events, current tour schedules, and more.