Heat Pump Repair In Haverford, PA

John Cipollone, Inc is the trusted name for heat pump repair in Haverford, PA. We’ve serviced the Main Line’s heating and cooling needs since 1953 and have built an outstanding reputation over the decades. Click here or call us at (610) 446-7877.

Today’s heat pumps are more effective in cold temperatures than older models. And, they’re much more efficient: They use less energy than older models and cost you less on your monthly bills as a result. 

But none of that matters if your system is working right or stops running altogether! That’s where we come in. 

John Cipollone specializes in high-efficiency equipment from Carrier and Mitsubishi, among other brands.

Thanks to our decades of service on the Main Line and other towns near Haverford, we’re incredibly familiar with the unique heating and cooling needs of homes in our area. Click here or call us at (610) 446-7877.

Heat Pump Repair In Haverford, PA
Heat Pump Service

Heat Pump Service

The best way to keep your heat pump working great all year — and keep your warranty valid! — is with regular service and professional maintenance. Two annual tune-ups (one for heating seasons and another for cooling) adds years to the life of your system. And, it gives you peace of mind.

Heat Pump Replacement

Heat Pump Replacement

If your old heat pump shows signs of wear, don’t wait for a breakdown to start thinking about a replacement! With today’s models being more effective and efficient, getting rid of a unit that’s a decade old or older will feel like an instant comfort upgrade that costs you less in energy bills. 

Heat Pump Installation

Heat Pump Installation 

Are you tired of conventional heating and cooling and the limitations of ductwork and vents? Converting to a heat pump system can solve your heating and cooling problems. And you can lower your energy bills in the process.

Signs Of A Problem With Your Heat Pump

Know the signs of a problem with your heat pump! That way, you can address a small problem while it’s minor and easy to fix. The warning signs that something’s wrong include:

  1. Heat pump blows cold air in the winter
  2. System runs much louder than usual
  3. Odd smells coming from your system
  4.  Heat pump keeps turning on and off

Click  here to get more information about these systems. Or, click here or call us at (610) 446-7877.

Home Construction Types In Haverford, PA

Single Homes

Haverford has some of the oldest, most historical, and nicest-looking older single homes on the Main Line. There’s also plenty of new construction and classic mid-century suburban dwellings. We’re familiar with the unique heating and cooling needs of each type.

Twin Homes

Older twin homes are standard here in Haverford, PA, and more and more homeowners use heat pumps to keep them comfortable all year. We’ll help make sure your classic suburban home is warm all winter and cool all summer.


Heat pumps are an excellent choice for townhomes, especially some of the newer houses here in Haverford. Thanks to their silent operation, you can enjoy the peace and quiet even with a unit right outside your home!


Condominiums range from townhome-style dwellings to units in larger complexes. We make sure your HVAC system is working correctly. And, we’ll keep you in line with any HOA or co-op board regulations.

Local Spotlight: Haverford College Arboretum

The Haverford College Arboretum features more than 1,500 trees on a beautiful, sprawling 216-acre campus. Located on the campus of one of the country’s top-rated liberal arts colleges, it’s also right next to a 2.2.-mile nature trail. 

You’ll find more than 300 mature conifers, all labeled by family grouping. There are also state champion trees, two Asian gardens, and Penn Treaty elms over a century old. It’s situated just off Lincoln Highway, near College Ave. and Haverford Road.

If You Go:

The arboretum is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is located on the Haverford College campus. You can visit any time. Or check the schedule for membership opportunities, volunteer days, and special events and activities.