Heater Repair And Replacement In Ardmore, PA

John Cipollone, Inc, is the trusted name for reliable and professional heater repair and replacements in Ardmore, PA. We've been helping homes and businesses here and in other Main Line towns since 1953. Click here or call us at (610) 446-7877.

Your furnace is most likely to break down in the dead of winter. That's when it's coldest, and the system is working its hardest to keep up. It's also when HVAC companies are their busiest. 

But, you can avoid getting stuck with a cold house by calling right away for furnace repair as soon as you notice a problem! Nipping a small problem in the bud is easier and much less expensive than when it goes unchecked and gets worse. 

At John Cipollone, we're certified to work on all major brands. We also specialize in high-efficiency systems from Carrier and Mitsubishi Ductless. 

And, with our decades of experience on the Main Line, we know all about the unique homes and heating requirements here in Ardmore, Wynnewood, Haverford, and other towns. Click here or call us at (610) 446-7877.

Heater Repair And Replacement In Ardmore, PA
Furnace Repair Ardmore, PA

Furnace Repair

Everyone needs a trusted, reliable HVAC company they can call at any time for furnace repair. And, since 1953, that name in Ardmore and on the Main Line has been John Cipollone, Inc.

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Heater Replacement

When you need a heater replacement for your home or business, time is of the essence! We'll keep you warm by helping you find the perfect system and then by installing it right the first time!

Heater Service

Keep your home comfortable and your energy bills low all winter by staying on top of any furnace repair needs! Catching a problem when it's still small means fewer problems later on.

Furnace Replacement In Ardmore, PA

John Cipollone, Inc has been the trusted name for reliable, professional furnace replacement in Ardmore, PA, and Main Line since 1953. We find the perfect system for your home and make sure it's installed right the first time. Click here or call us at (610) 446-7877.

Is it time for a new heater for your home or business? If you notice these things happening, it's time to start considering it: 

  • Weaker airflow through the vents
  • Utility bills keep going up
  • Repairs are necessary more often
  • The system is well over ten years old

Furnace Installation In Ardmore, PA

When it's time to improve the heating in your home, John Cipollone, Inc is the trusted name for furnace installation in Ardmore, PA. We've made homes and businesses more comfortable since 1953. Click here or call us at (610) 446-7877.

And, you don't have to wait for your old system to start giving you problems to consider a new one. Today's furnaces and heaters do a much better job than older models. Benefits of a new installation include: 

  • Better circulation in all the rooms
  • More comfort in the winter and summer
  • Lower energy bills and utility costs
  • New warranties on your equipment
  • New systems last more than ten years

Home Construction Types In Ardmore, PA

Single Homes

You'll find all sorts of single homes in Ardmore, from modern and new construction to older and even historic homes. We know how to find the right system for any home, layout, or design.


Ardmore, PA townhomes don't come in as wide a variety as the single homes. While they're a little more uniform, each one still has its unique quality. We can outfit any of them with the perfect heater.


You'll find a few pockets of older, smaller rowhomes here in Ardmore. We're experienced with working around the intricacies of these houses while also managing inside these smaller spaces.


Condominiums are easy to keep warm all winter — as long as you have the right equipment! We'll find the perfect system for your townhome or apartment-style condo that meets HOA or co-op board standards.

Local Spotlight: The Ardmore Music Hall

For decades, 23 East Lancaster Avenue has been a landmark location for great music! The Ardmore Music Hall has hosted hundreds of local and internationally-renowned music acts. From rock and jam bands to funk and hip-hop, it's all here! 

Formerly known as 23 East Cabaret and then Brownies 23 East, the Ardmore Music Hall has now partnered with the nearby restaurant The Ripplewood to offer an incredible menu alongside excellent entertainment. 

Who's Played Here?

Over the years, The Ardmore Music Hall stage has been graced by The Ramones, the Wailers, Dave Matthews Band, Maceo Parker, Phish, and many more.