Heater Replacement And Repairs In Haverford, PA

Since 1953, businesses and homeowners have trusted John Cipollone, Inc for heater replacement and repairs in Haverford, PA. We've earned an outstanding reputation on the Main Line with dozens of five-star Google reviews. Click here or call John Cipollone at (610) 446-7877.

Whether your old furnace is showing extreme signs of wear, or if it's broken down for good, you need to know you can get your home warm and comfortable again as soon as possible. Your system is most likely to break down in the dead of winter— when it's working its hardest. 

At John Cipollone, we're very familiar with the types of homes on the Main Line and the unique heating needs of houses in Haverford and other towns. That means we can find the best model and the right size for your home. 

And, we specialize in high-efficiency models from Carrier and Mitsubishi Electric for an instant comfort and efficiency upgrade!

Click here or call John Cipollone at (610) 446-7877.
Heater Replacement And Repairs In Haverford, PA

Furnace Replacement

Get the best furnace replacement for your Haverford, PA home with John Cipollone, Inc. We have an excellent reputation for fast, reliable, and professional HVAC service on the Main Line.

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Furnace Installation

Your old heater doesn't need to break down for you to enjoy a comfort upgrade! Solve that problem room (always too cold) or save money with a new-and-improved furnace installation.

Heater Service

To get the most value from your furnace, make sure you have it properly maintained with an annual tune-up. Heater service extends the life of your system and saves you money over time.

Furnace Replacement In Haverford, PA

John Cipollone, Inc has been the trusted name for furnace replacement in Haverford, PA since 1953. We've served businesses and homeowners across the Main Line for decades. Click here or call us at (610) 446-7877.

Know the signs of a failing furnace! Catching the problem early can make a replacement much easier and less expensive. Here's what to watch for: 

  • Energy bills higher each year
  • Rooms don't get warm enough
  • Weak airflow through the vents
  • System is more than a decade old 

Furnace Tune-Ups In Haverford, PA

The best way to keep your heater working great winter after winter is with a furnace tune-up in your Haverford, PA home. Click here or call John Cipollone at (610) 446-7877.

Professional maintenance is inexpensive and easy! In just one hour, our technician will: 

  • Clean the system inside and out
  • Check all electrical connections
  • Change the air filter
  • Replace worn or broken parts

Home Construction Types In Haverford, PA

Single Homes

You can get a centuries-old estate, a classic mid-century suburban home, a newly-built house, or anything in between in Haverford! We make sure every single home has the best heating possible.


Townhomes in Haverford come in a variety of layouts and sizes. While not as diverse as single homes, we still make sure to meet the unique heating needs of homes like these


Smaller and often older than townhomes, rowhomes pose challenges such as old ductwork, finding the perfect-sized furnace, and working in small spaces. We're ready for all of it!


Whether you have a unit in a complex, a duplex, or a townhome-style condominium, we'll make sure you stay warm all winter and cool all summer — all while following HOA or co-op board rules!

Local Spotlight: The Main Line Art Center

Where can you find great local art plus classes and activities? Here in Haverford, that's at the Main Line Art Center! The space is dedicated to bringing great visual art to everyone in the community regardless of economic means, ability, or age. 

You'll find regular exhibitions, classes for children and adults, and much more. And, true to its mission to bring art to everyone, the nonprofit awards $16,000 in needs-based scholarships every year.

If You Go:

The Main Line art Center is located at 746 Panmure Road. That's near Lancaster Avenue and between the Haverford and Bryn Mawr train stations. 

The space is open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM and from 9 AM to 4 PM on Saturdays. Check their website for events and exhibitions.