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Family-Owned Heating Oil Furnace Service For Homes In Villanova, PA

Heating Oil Furnace Service: Villanova, PA | John CipolloneJohn Cipollone, Inc. has been the trusted name for expert, reliable heating oil furnace service for homes in Villanova, PA and surrounding areas since 1953. We also provide inspection and cleaning with each oil delivery. For an appointment or delivery, call (610) 446-7877.

We serve homes in Villanova, PA zip codes 19010, 19085, 19087, 19428. And, we travel to homes in Wynnewood, Springfield, Havertown, and other Main Line towns.

HVAC industry professionals recommend having your oil heating system serviced at least once a year. The best time for a tune-up is in the fall, just before your heater will be working extra hard all winter.

You’ll save money by using less oil and avoiding costly repairs. You’ll also enjoy peace of mind all winter, knowing your system is ready for the hard work during the cold months. 

With a service visit, you’ll have a certified tech check dozens of inspection points to ensure everything is working properly. They’ll also clean out your system and make any repairs necessary to fix minor issues before they get worse. 

Finally, they’ll optimize the system to ensure it needs as little fuel as possible to do the job. 

About Our Town: Along with the college that gives the town its name, Villanova, PA also has two locations on the National Register of Historic Places: The Camp-Woods estate and a brick-and-concrete bridge built in 1905. 

Call John Cipollone, Inc. at (610) 446-7877 to schedule your heating oil furnace service today.

How Often Should An Oil Furnace Be Serviced?

You should have the oil furnace in your Villanova, PA home services once a year. That includes a cleaning, inspecting and cleaning the nozzle, testing the system, and installing a new filter. It’s best to do it in the fall, but you can schedule it any time.

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