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Heating Oil Suppliers In Villanova, PA Since 1953 | John Cipollone

John Cipollone, Inc has been the trusted family-owned and operated heating oil supplier in Villanova, PA since 1953. Homeowners know we show up on time for every delivery and clean and inspect their system before filling the tank.

We serve Villanova zip codes 19010, 19085, 19807, 19089, and 19428, along with surrounding towns here on the Main Line.

John Cipollone, Inc is a full-service heating oil supplier. Our service plans include cleaning and inspection with each delivery. Customers can save up to 90 percent on service and repairs with our plan versus calling someone else for separate maintenance and repairs.

Our existing customers enjoy automatic delivery, 24-hour delivery, and more. New customers get their first delivery, along with inspection and cleaning, as fast as possible.

To become a service member and get your first oil delivery, call us at (610) 446-7877.

Fast Fact: The renowned Villanova University essentially splits our small town into two parts. In particular, the north side, in Lower Merion Township, features many larger estates on winding roads. One such area is Wrenfield, which features large French carriage houses.

Heating Oil Suppliers In Villanova, PA | John Cipollone, IncOur customers know that our service extends well past delivering oil and moving on. We do a cleaning and inspection with each visit. That way, you avoid costly and inconvenient breakdowns in the middle of winter. 

Existing customers can take advantage of automatic and next-day delivery. Our service plans can save you up to 90 percent in repairs and costs throughout the year. 

As home heating oil suppliers, we deliver to Springfield zip codes 19018, 19064, 19070, and 19081 plus surrounding towns. 

For delivery and to sign up as a service member, call us at (610) 446-7877. It’s fast and easy to get set up, and we’ll send someone out as fast as possible for your inspection and set up your first delivery. 

Fast Fact: Springfield, PA is known for its classic single-family suburban homes. For example, Stoney Creek was established in the mid-50s. Today, there are 75 homes there, and no two houses are quite the same.

How Long Should 250 Gallons Of Oil Last?

It’s hard to generalize how long 250 gallons of oil will last because it depends on the size of your home, its insulation, your thermostat setting, and more. But, on average, Villanova homes use a little over a gallon an hour. Ultimately, they get up to around 16 gallons a day in the winter.

That’s a very rough estimate, however. So, it’s a good idea to keep your tank at least half-full all the time. That way, you don’t risk running out.

And, with our automatic delivery, you’ll be sure there’s always enough in the tank.

Local Spotlight: Villanova Wildcats

With dozens of awards, honors, and championships under their belt, The Wildcats are an NCAA college basketball institution. The team has been around since 1920 and continues to dominate more than a century later. 

If You Go

The Wildcats play their home games at Finneran Pavilion and have the occasional contest at the Wells Fargo Center. If you haven’t caught a game yet, be sure to go out when the season is on!