Mini Split Installation In Havertown, PA

John Cipollone, Inc. has an excellent reputation for fast, reliable ductless mini split installations in Havertown, PA, and other towns on the Main Line. Click here or call (610) 446-7877 to learn more or schedule a free consultation. 

Ductless heating and cooling is becoming more and more popular for homeowners and businesses in our area. Mini split HVAC systems make homes and commercial spaces more comfortable than a furnace and central air while also lowering the utility bills.  

But, to get the most from one of these systems, you need an expert that knows how to help you choose the best setup and equipment for your home. And someone who will install it right the first time. 

John Cipollone, Inc specializes in high-efficiency heating and air conditioning systems. And, we’re manufacturer-certified to install and service Mitsubishi ductless air conditioners and other heat pump systems.

We’ve served towns near Havertown, PA since 1953. As a result, we’re very familiar with the many different types of homes on the Main Line. From old, historic single homes to new construction and condominiums, we understand each one’s unique heating and cooling needs. Click here or call us at (610) 446-7877.

Mini Split Installation In Havertown, PA
Single Zone

Single Zone

Do you have that one room that’s always too hot or too cold? Or do you want to add heating and cooling to an attic, garage, or addition? A single-zone mini split installation offers supplemental heat and cooling or adds HVAC where there are no vents.

Multi Zone

Multi Zone

Treat multiple rooms or get an entire home comfort upgrade with a multi-zone mini split installation. With air handlers in every part of the house, you'll  get even heating and cooling everywhere. Or, set each room of your home to a different temperature.

Ductless Mini Split In Green Room

Hyper Heat

Ductless mini splits don’t use your grandfather’s heat pumps! Today’s Hyper Heat models keep your home as warm as you want it all through the winter. They perform well even when it's negative 13 degrees outside.

Mini Splits: Four Big Benefits

There are plenty of reasons to invest in a mini split for your Havertown, PA home. Four significant benefits are: 

  1. Superior Comfort
  2. Energy Efficiency
  3. Whisper-Quiet
  4. Easy To Install

You can read more about these features here. Or, contact us for a free consultation. 

What Does A Mini Split Installation Cost In Havertown, PA?

Mini split installation cost starts at $3,500 for a single-zone system. It increases for each room you add. The average suburban home costs around $17,000 for year-round heating and cooling throughout the house. 

You can take advantage of rebates and promotional offers to bring down the upfront price. And, a ductless system is highly efficient. You’ll save money each month with lower energy costs. 

Click here or call us at (610) 446-7877 for a free consultation.

Home Type And Mini Splits In Havertown, PA

Single Homes

Havertown, PA is home to many older single-family homes. If you love the look and feel of a century-old house, then a ductless system is the best way to keep warm in the summer and cool in the winter without affecting the layout of each room. No need to add ductwork!


A single-zone mini split can finally heat or cool the third floor or dormer in a Havertown, PA twin home. Many Craftsman-style homes in the area have finished attics or third floors that have never been warm or cool enough — until now!


With no need for ductwork, mini splits are an excellent choice for upgrading the cooling and heating in a Havertown, PA row home. You only need a few wall-mounted air handlers in the right places to heat and cool your entire home like never before!


Whether you have a townhome-style dwelling or a condo in a multi-unit building, we’ll make sure you stay warm all winter while also staying within your HOA or condo board regulations.

Local Spotlight: The Historic Grange Estate

Founded in 1692, the Historic Grange Estate was the home of some of the first European settlers in our area. Today, the sprawling mansion and grounds, located near Earlington Road and City Line Avenue in Havertown, is a destination for history buffs, gardening enthusiasts, and community members of all ages

The grounds include multiple gardens with many different vibrant plants and flowers. The mansion is available for weddings and other events. It’s also host to community activities, including crafts, writing workshops, and more. 

If You Go:

The estate and surrounding grounds are open to the public year-round. Along with regular activities, there are tours every Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m. You can call (610) 446-4958 or email for information or to make a reservation.