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Family-Owned Oil Delivery Company Serving Haverford, PA

Oil Delivery Company In Haverford, PA | John Cipollone, Inc.John Cipollone, Inc. has been the trusted, reliable oil delivery company for Haverford, PA homeowners since 1953. We provide furnace cleaning and inspection with every delivery so you know your system is always in great shape. Call us at (610) 446-7877 to set up your first delivery.

We serve zip codes 19003, 19010, and 19041 in Haverford and deliver to other nearby Main Line towns as well.

Along with home heating oil, we also deliver peace of mind! Thanks to your inspection with every delivery, homeowners are always confident their heating system is in great condition and ready for the winter workload. 

And, existing customers can sign up for automatic delivery. This service ensures they’ll never run out of oil — especially when they need it the most. 

Finally, our cap budget pricing program allows homeowners to lock into the year’s best prices. Their bill won’t go up when oil prices rise later in the year. 

About our town: One of the nation’s oldest country clubs is right here in Haverford! The Merion Cricket Club first opened its doors in 1865.

Existing customers can take advantage of 24-hour and emergency service. New customers can schedule their first inspection and delivery ASAP. To order, call us at (610) 446-7877.

How Low Should You Let Your Oil Tank Get?

You should never let your oil tank go lower than a quarter full. Once you’re lower than that, you risk running out on cold winter days. Main Line homes use up to 16 gallons a day in winter. Automatic delivery helps you avoid going too low.

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