How Healthy Is the Air in Your Home?

The more healthy the air is in your home the better – particularly for children, older people, and anyone who has allergies or breathing problems.

There are lots of things John Cipollone’s indoor air quality professionals can do to make the air in your home healthier, starting with indoor air quality testing. There are also lots of things you can do yourself.

Here are some ways you can make the air in your home more healthy:

  1. Wipe your feet before entering the house.  Pesticides and other chemicals can get carried into your home on your shoes.
  2. Use less toxic cleaning products to clean your home.
  3. Dispose of unused chemicals, paints, solvents, and pesticides. Keep the others tightly sealed.  If possible store chemicals and paints in a detached garage or shed.
  4. Avoid smoking inside the house.
  5. Groom pets regularly.
  6. Make sure your furnace is properly vented.
  7. Run fans in the bathroom when you take a shower and in the kitchen when you cook.
  8. Replace the air filter in your heating & cooling system. Mold can grow on the dust cakes that build up on old air filters.
  9. Keep the humidity in your home down. Mold, mildew, and dust mites love it when your home is damp.
  10. Open windows to let in fresh air when the weather is mild.

How Healthy Is The Air In Your Home At John Cipollone, our technicians are Certified Carrier Healthy Air Experts who can help you with your indoor air quality challenges.

We can test the air in your home. We offer a 30-minute test that takes 30 samples and gives us a quick read on your home’s air quality. This 30 minute test may not indicate every problem, however.

We also offer a 2 to 3-day test which is more complete and accurate. This test takes an air sample every minute for two to three days and gives us the total picture of the quality of your home’s air.

The 30-minute test typically costs $99.00 and the 2 to 3-day test typically costs $299.00.

For a limited time, we are happy to offer you the 30-minute air quality test FREE with any regular maintenance call.

We are also happy to offer you $99.00 off the regular price of the 2 to 3-day test when we install any indoor air quality solution we recommend based on the test results.

These solutions include helping you with better ventilation particularly during the winter and summer when you have your home sealed up. We have solutions that can better filter the air in your home and kill the mold and bacteria that can grow on the coil of your cooling system.

We have good ways to take the right amount of humidity out of the air in your home during the summer, to help keep mold and mildew from growing.

We have good ways to put the right amount of humidity into the air during the winter. Air that is too dry can be a problem just like air that is too wet.

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