10 Tips To Keep Cool During A Heat Wave (Updated 2023)

10 Tips To Keep Cool During A Heat Wave (Updated 2023)The summer is great. BBQs, trips to the beach and going to the pool. One thing no one gets excited about during the summer is a heat wave. It’s generally too hot to comfortably stay outside all day, and when you’re inside you have to make sure the AC is cranked up.

There are some simple things you can do to make sure your home stays cool during a heat wave. Here are a few tips that will help you “chill out” during the next heat wave.

  1. Change Your Air Filter – Changing the air filter will help the airflow through your AC and into your home. It will also keep the air in your home cleaner. 
  2. Don’t Mess With The Thermostat – Lots of people think that adjusting the thermostat saves them energy, bringing it up at night, and back down during the day. The truth is, this can overwork the system, and it can take a long time for the temperature to actually adjust. We recommend choosing a temperature and sticking with it. 
  3. Turn The Fan On Your System On – Most HVAC systems have an “On”, “Auto”, and “Off” fan setting. Keep the fan on, and the air moving through your home at all times. 
  4. Don’t Get Too Much Sun – Making sure you don’t get sunburnt is extremely important. Hanging outside during a hot day is nice, but make sure you put sunblock on, because a sunburn will only make you feel hotter than normal.
  5. Stay Hydrated – Drinking water and other hydrating drinks will help keep you cool. Things like soda and alcohol are very bad for staying hydrated, so stay away from these if you can. Here is a solid list of drinks that Do and Don’t hydrate you best.
  6. Close Your Blinds – As nice as it is to have the sunlight streaming through your windows, it will also bring the heat of the sun along with the light. Keeping your blinds closed and the sun out will bring your home down a few degrees as opposed to having the sun heat your home up!
  7. Wear Lighter Colors – Dark colors attract and absorb the sun. Stay away from black and dark blues, and go for more airy clothes and lighter colors.
  8. Cook Outside – Using a grill outside will keep the heat out of your home. When you use the stove or oven, it will easily raise the temperatures in the house.
  9. Cool Shower or Dip In The Pool – Taking a cold shower, or jumping in a pool will help you bring your body temperature down. A fan can only do so much. Sometimes a cool dip is a quick and easy way to keep cool.
  10. Keep Your Air Conditioner In Great Shape – Scheduling an AC tune-up helps make sure your air conditioning is running efficiently. You should have your AC serviced at least once a year! 

Staying cool is very important during a heat wave, especially for the elderly and younger children. Heat waves can be dangerous, and should be taken very seriously. Make sure to check on neighbors who may not be able to take care of themselves, and reach out for help if you are having problems with the heat.

Remember: Stay hydrated. Stay cool. Don’t get too much sun.

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