Add Heating to a Third-Floor Room in Your Havertown, PA Home

Add Heating To a Third-Floor Room In Your Havertown, PA Home

One of the most common problems we see in the winter is a particular room that doesn’t stay as warm as the rest of the house. This could be a bedroom, finished attic, or maybe even a spot in the basement.

When it comes to homes in Havertown, Radnor, and the Main Line, we see a lot of different construction types. Older homes, newer homes, and so many unique designs. Because they all weren’t designed with HVAC needs in mind, not every room is always heated or cooled the way it should be.

Now there are solutions and designs that can keep your whole home comfortable, but you may not want to add a completely new system. Maybe the rest of your home is perfectly comfortable, and you just want to fix that room that won’t stay cozy. We have a perfect solution for that: A ductless mini split.

What is a Ductless Mini Split

A ductless mini split is an air conditioning and heating system that will hang on the wall in a particular room or zone, and keep that space comfortable. Mini split systems can have one single unit, or you can have multiple units spread around the house. They require no ductwork, but only a small tube that runs from the system to a condenser outside.

Traditional systems require ductwork, and take up far more space in your home. A ductless mini split hangs on the wall out of the way, and the installation is FAR less invasive.

Ductless mini splits work independently of each other, and all have their own thermostat. This means the whole house doesn’t have to be the same exact temperature. If one person wants their room 72 degrees, while someone else likes their room at 68, they can both have it their way if they each have a mini split in their room!

This is one of the reasons that a mini split is a great solution to take care of a room that just doesn’t ever get comfortable. You don’t have to try and compensate with your current system, but instead, you can let your system work as is, and the mini split will keep the room at the temperature you like!

Mitsubishi Ductless In An Ardmore Home

What Are The Benefits of a Ductless Mini Split

A ductless mini split keeps you comfortable, but also has many different silver linings…

  • They are extremely energy efficient
  • They are whisper quiet, not like a window AC unit
  • They don’t require ductwork
  • They can work alongside other HVAC systems
  • They don’t have to run all the time, so you save money
  • You never have to put them away, like a space heater or window AC

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Mitsubishi Ductless In Living RoomDuctless systems have become more and more popular over the years, and especially in the Havertown and Main Line areas for a lot of these reasons. Many people get scared when they call a contractor about a single room, because they fear that the contractor will tell them they need a completely new and different system. These mini splits have made this conversation a lot easier for homeowners.

Obviously, there will be cases where the homeowner does need to replace their system. Sometimes they are just too old and not getting the job done. But, there are a lot of occasions where the system is working perfectly fine in the rest of the home, but a certain room just never seems comfortable. In this case, a mini split is the way to go.

A space heater may do the trick for a bit, and a window AC unit can also work in the summer. But these both have tons of drawbacks.

A space heater can be a very dangerous fire hazard, and also doesn’t evenly heat a room. It’s generally very warm around the heater, maybe even too warm. It also sucks up energy.

A window AC unit is EXTREMELY LOUD, drips water, takes up a window, and ALSO sucks up energy. These aren’t a great way to solve the problem, but generally just a bandaid until you can make the proper adjustments.

What Should You Do?

So if you have a problem room like this, you should call a professional. If your system was designed to heat or cool that room and it’s not doing the job, you will want a professional to take a look at it. There may be a problem in the vents or heating system. Maybe you simply need a service to get the heater working at a better capacity.

A professional should be able to tell you what the problem is, and offer you a solution. That could be fixing the vents, adding a mini split to supplement the system, or maybe you need a new system all together. No matter what the case is, having it taken care of quick is the best way to getting the easiest solution. Waiting on it not only leaves a room in your home uncomfortable, but it also can cause bigger problems with your current system if it’s running too hard.

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