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There are a lot of older homes in the Main Line and Havertown areas. They weren’t designed with the same kind of heating and cooling equipment that we use today. That can lead to a lot of comfort and energy issues if they aren’t addressed.

That was the case in this three-story twin home in Ardmore, PA. Their old oil system wasn’t broken, but it wasn’t getting the job done throughout the home.

The solution was a new heater installation for better efficiency, and a ductless mini split to address three particular problem areas in the house.

Heating And Cooling Problems In An Ardmore, PA Home

These homeowners called us with four heating and cooling issues they wanted to address:

  1. They had a finished third floor, but there was no heating or air conditioning to keep it comfortable up there.
  2. They needed to finish the guest room for in-law visits.
  3. The kitchen was unusable on cold winter days due to poor insulation on the three outside walls.
  4. Their only AC had ever been noisy, energy-wasting window units. They are tough to put in and remove every season. And, you can’t leave them running while you’re away from home. Meaning, they had to walk into an extremely hot house and wait to turn them on and have the temp drop.

Ductless Air Conditioning is keeping this Ardmore home cool this summer!

After taking a look around the house, and reviewing these different issues, it looked like the solution to fix them all was a new heating and cooling system.

They needed something installed on the third floor, and the window units had to go.

Energy-Efficient Heater Installation In Ardmore, PA

We replaced the existing oil fired boiler with a Weil McLain oil-fired burner with Smart Controls for fuel efficiency. These controls will make sure that the system isn’t using more energy than it has to, and will help to keep energy bills low.

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Ductless Heating And Cooling In A Three-Story Home

We also installed a Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split System with three wall-hung evaporator coils.. One for the first floor, one for the master bedroom and one for the 3rd floor unconditioned room.

These ductless units work independently of each other like baseboard heaters, meaning one room can be 74 degrees, while the others can be set to 64. But, they have many more features.

This is great for families who can’t agree on a temperature. It also helps save energy, because you aren’t wasting energy cooling rooms you aren’t using.

Mini Split Vs. Traditional Central Air Conditioning

With a traditional central air conditioning system, if you wanted your living room a certain temperature, the whole house was going to be that temperature.

This wastes a ton of energy because these unused rooms don’t need to be cooled, but still are. The multi-zone ductless system took care of that for this home.

The new mini split system uses different units to keep the energy use down and temperature correct. And, the Mitsubishi ductless setup also came with the Kumo Cloud.

The Kumo Cloud app allows you to track and adjust your Mitsubishi system from your computer, phone or tablet. It gives you details and reports about energy use. And, it helps you get the most out of your system for the least amount of money.

Mini Split Installation In Ardmore, PA

If you’re ready to make your home more comfortable, call (610) 446-7877 or email John Cipollone today for a free consultation! We’ll help you decide if a mini split installation in Ardmore, PA is the best option for you.

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