Make Your Summer More Comfortable With Carrier Infinity in Havertown, PA

Make Your Summer More Comfortable With Carrier Infinity in Havertown, PAIf you think summers in Southeastern PA are getting hotter, you’re right. Just check out the average temperatures each year right here in Havertown, PA.

That means a lot of extra work for your air conditioner. If yours is old, then it may be on its last legs. It’s most likely to break down in the middle of a heatwave: When you need it most, but also when it’s under the most stress.

And, when that happens, you’ll want to act fast getting a replacement. But, don’t let haste stop you from choosing the best unit for your home!

Here in Havertown, we often recommend the Carrier Infinity line of air conditioners. They do a fantastic job and keep your costs down. If you’re suddenly in the market for a new central air system — or if it seems like you may be soon — take a few minutes to read up on this series.

That way, you’re more informed when it’s time to order a new system. And, of course, if you have any questions, or want to get your system checked out or fixed, call or email us here at John Cipollone today.

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Four Benefits of Carrier Infinity Air Conditioners

  1. Better Comfort
  2. Better Humidity Control
  3. More Customized Controls
  4. Energy Efficiency and Lower Bills

Better Comfort

Carrier Infinity uses Inverter technology that separates it from most other systems. We’ll see this crop up in a few more places throughout this article, but the big thing it does is make the temperature in your home way more consistent.

Carrier Infinity Provides Just The Right Temperature

Your average AC has two modes: On and Off. It’s either cooling the whole house, or it’s not. And that works, to a degree, anyway.

What Inverter technology does is add a variable speed option. Now, your system can provide just a little bit of cooling when you need it, rather than going all-or-nothing.

This gets rid of those temperature swings — you know, like how the system clicks on a minute or two after you realize you’re starting to get hot.

Instead, the system anticipates those changes and corrects them before they happen. It’s a significant difference from a system that cycles on and off over and over. As a result, your home is always at the exact temperature you want.

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Better Humidity Control

Better Humidity Control

One essential thing your air conditioner does is dehumidify your home. It’s not enough just to cool the air. Drying it out makes it feel cooler and makes you way more comfortable.

You know that sticky feeling when it’s humid out? By July or August, it’s hot enough that you’ll see those large beads of sweat sticking to you.

That’s why dehumidification is so important. Your body’s trying to cool down by sweating, but the water vapor in the air is like wrapping yourself in a comforter. It has nowhere to go, so you don’t cool down, and you feel icky.

So, how does Carrier do it better?

Along with just being a better AC, the Infinity series gives this part of the process a little more attention.

You know that your AC cycles on and off a few times every hour. The temperature rises, the system clicks on. The temperature is where you want it, and then it turns back off.

The problem that when it’s not running, it’s not dehumidifying. The Inverter technology accounts for that. The system notes when humidity is high and runs the system at a slower speed for more extended amounts of time.

This way, you’re running the system longer to account for the extra moisture removal. You’re maintaining the temperature you want without wasting money or freezing out the house with a setting that’s too high.

Installing A Carrier Furnace And AC With Improved Ductwork in Newtown Square, PA

More Customized Controls

The usual method of controlling your central air is simple and mostly effective: When the temperature drifts from the thermostat’s call setting, it turns on the HVAC system. When the temperature’s right (or close enough), it turns back off.

The Infinity series uses a more sophisticated, nuanced approach. The result is better comfort because you have better control over what your air conditioner’s doing.

To be more precise; It’s because the system and the thermostat “talk” much more clearly. It uses two-way communication that — without getting too far into the weeds — means you’re not wasting any energy with extra cooling.

Infinity Series

On the user end, you also get way more control, such as programming and even tracking energy usage. And you can control it from virtually anywhere with an app on your phone or tablet.

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Energy Efficiency and Lower Bills

If you’ve ever dreaded turning on your air conditioning because of what it will do to your electric bill, then we’ve got good news: Carrier Infinity systems are amazingly efficient with Energy Star designations.

Since they use significantly less electricity than other units, they have a much smaller impact on your bills. That adds up to monthly savings in the warm weather, but there’s more.

A lot of this has to do with things we’ve already mentioned. For instance, the low-power mode that helps with humidity? It helps with your bills, too.


Infinity What Is Infinity Energy Saving

When you’re not running the system at maximum speed, you’re using less power. The work it’s doing — still cooling a bit, drying out the air — means the system spends less time working at full capacity.

The controls themselves also play a role. First off, you can access your power usage at any time — not just when the bill arrives.

Meanwhile, the system adapts the more you use it. It learns when you need the most cooling and when to back off. Then, it makes adjustments on its own, faster and more accurately than you would.

Carrier Infinity Installations in Havertown, PA

If you’re ready to upgrade your home comfort another summer in or around Havertown, PA, call or email us at John Cipollone. Or even if you want to learn more about Carrier Infinity air conditioning. Starting with a free consultation, in-person or virtual, we’ll help you find the exact model to make your home more comfortable than ever.

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