Benefits And Drawbacks Of A Heat Pump In Wynnewood, PA Homes

Benefits And Drawbacks Of A Heat Pump In Wynnewood, PA HomesAre heat pumps worth the cost? Do they live up to the hype? What is the hype, anyway? 

These heating and cooling systems have been around for decades. While they’ve been much more popular for a long time in Europe and in other countries, they’re finally becoming more popular in the United States. 

But, they still have baggage — and a bit of a bad reputation. That’s because older models were really only good for cooling. And, they used a lot more energy than they do now. 

With today’s heat pumps performing much better, however, now’s a great time to reconsider replacing your old boiler or gas furnace with one of these. 

But, will they really make that much of a difference? 

In many cases, the answer is yes. Of course, they’re not perfect. But, they still hold a lot of advantages over conventional heating and cooling solutions. And, John Cipollone, Inc is here to give you a full view of the pros and cons.

In this article, we’ll cover: 

  • Four Big Benefits Of Heat Pump Systems

  • Heat Pumps And Ductless Mini Splits In Main Line Homes 

  • Three Heat Pump Drawbacks To Consider

If you’d like to learn more about heat pumps and mini splits, check out our article here and here. Or, if you live in Wynnewood, PA or anywhere on the Main Line, call us or click below to schedule a free consultation. 

Four Big Benefits Of Heat Pump Systems

  • Better Comfort

  • Lower Energy Bills

  • Lower Carbon Footprint

  • Both Heating And Cooling 

Better Comfort

Most heat pumps today provide better comfort than forced-air systems. One of the biggest reasons is that many of them are two-speed or variable-speed. These are much different than your average gas furnace, which only has two speeds: On and Off. 

Instead, variable-speed motors create a more comfortable and consistent temperature. Instead of waiting until your house gets too chilly (or hot) again before kicking on, it runs most of the time at a low speed. 

This way, it maintains the temperature all the time instead of waiting for the temperature to drift. The result? No more hot and cold spots in the house when your system is running. Instead, it’s always right at the temperature you want. 

Lower Energy Bills

Even with your system running almost all the time, you’ll spend less money on your utility bills in the winter than you would with conventional HVAC. That’s in part because it actually costs less to maintain a steady temperature than it does to keep “fixing” it after it gets too hot or too cold. 

It’s the same as how you use fewer miles on your car when you’re on the highway versus in the city. With the latter, all that stopping and starting uses more energy. The same is true for a heater or AC turning on and off. 

And, more significant than that is a heat pump’s “heat transfer” process. You don’t waste gas or oil, or use electricity to heat up coils, to stay warm. 

Instead, the heat pump only needs a small amount of energy to transfer heat from outside into your home. Even when it’s cold out, there’s enough to do the job. 

And, it’s a much more efficient job than burning fossil fuels. 

Lower Carbon Footprint

A heating and cooling system that’s not burning gas or oil, and only using a small amount of electricity, is much friendlier to the environment than a conventional system. 

And, when you combine a heat pump with solar panels, you may not even draw any electricity at all from the grid. Instead, you’re using clean, renewable energy.

Both Heating And Cooling 

With a heat pump, you get one unit to heat your home in the winter and keep it cool in the summer. There’s no paying for a separate AC unit that attaches to your furnace. And, you get the same great comfort and energy efficiency year-round. 

Heat Pumps And Ductless Mini Splits In Main Line Homes 

Ductless Mini Splits Are A Great Way To Heat And CoolMini splits are just one way you can use a heat pump in your Main Line home. With this setup, the heat pump sends warmth or cooling to air handlers that are set up in each room of your home. 

It’s a different setup — and, in many ways an upgrade — from a ducted heat pump system. You’ll still get the comfort and efficiency, but you also have much more control over the temperature in each room. 

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Two Heat Pump Drawbacks To Consider

Heat pumps are great, but there are still a few small drawbacks to consider:

  1. Higher Upfront Cost

  2. Cold Weather Limitations

Higher Upfront Cost

Heat pumps, on average, cost significantly more than gas or oil furnaces. If you have a mini split set up, the price can be twice as much as conventional. Of course, with a mini split, you’re also getting many more options and much more customizable comfort. 

However, even a ducted system will come in higher. You’ll make up for that over time with lower energy bills, but you’ll have to be in your house for a while. 

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Cold Weather Limitations

Not all heat pumps can handle the winter weather. If you see a model for cheap, it may be one that’s really only made for cooling and a little supplemental heat when it really gets chilly. 

Today’s best models can handle everything a Pennsylvania winter will throw at it. They’ll work even when it’s negative 13 degrees F outside. But, you have to make sure you choose the right model. 

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Heat Pump Installations In Wynnewood, PA And On The Main Line 

Are you ready to learn more about how a heat pump would fit in your Wynnewood, PA home? Each house is different — especially older ones on the Main Line — so there’s only so much you can learn from a general article like this one. 

Based in Havertown, PA, John Cipollone, Inc has helped businesses and homeowners find the perfect HVAC systems for their needs and budgets. Today, we specialize in heat pump installations and other high-efficiency equipment from Mitsubishi and Carrier, along with other major brands. 

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