Heating Oil FAQs

Heating Oil FAQs

Heating Oil FAQsJohn Cipollone Inc. has been delivering oil in Havertown and the surrounding areas since 1953. In that time, we have delivered a LOT of oil, but also answered a lot of questions. The answers have changed over time, but most of the questions remain the same. 

We want to tell you a little more about heating oil, and try to answer the questions we are most frequently asked about it. 

Is Heating Oil Safe?

Heating oil is very safe. Some people think heating oil is like gasoline, whereas if you drop a match into it, a fire will start. Heating oil is actually not combustible. If you drop that match into a drum of oil, it will go out just like you dropped it into water. 

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Oil also doesn’t create lethal fumes, the way some other heating systems do. You still don’t want to breathe in oily air, so these oil systems do have proper ventilation. 

Many experts view heating oil as the safest option to heat your home. In our opinion, as long as you have your system serviced regularly, almost any heating system should be safe to operate in your home. 

How Much Heating Oil Does A Home Normally Use? 

A 1600-square-foot home in PA uses about 5 gallons of oil per day in the winter. Obviously, there are factors that come into play when determining how much oil your home is going to use. For example: 

  • How big is your home?
  • Is the weather colder or warmer than usual?
  • Is your heating system serviced and running efficiently?
  • Is your heating system newer and more efficient than an old system?
  • Is your home properly insulated? 

There are lots of fluctuating factors, but if we wanted to make a general call, we would say that you probably use 5 gallons of oil per day to heat your home in the winter. 

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How Often Do I Need Oil Delivered?

Home Heating Oil Delivery In Springfield, PAIf you have the most common-sized oil tank, 275 gallons, and you use about 5 gallons a day in the winter, you will need a refill after 55 days. Once again, just like the use of oil fluctuates depending on the factors in your home, the frequency of delivery will be based on those, and the size of your tank. 

Some homes have larger tanks, that only need to be filled once a season. Most homes usually need at least 2 deliveries, one at the start of the winter, then another towards the second half. 

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Is Oil Cheaper Than Natural Gas? 

This is a fluctuating answer. At times oil is more expensive than gas, and visa versa. We will say, gas furnaces generally tend to be more efficient than oil furnaces, which helps in your operating cost, even if gas is more expensive at the moment. 

The demand on natural gas makes it sometimes a riskier fuel source to depend on. Instead of looking at the cheaper fuel, we like to push our customers in the direction of worrying about how efficient your heating system is. 

If you have a more efficient system than your neighbor, who has an identical house, you are going to be spending less to heat your home, because you have a more efficient heating system. 

Is Heating Oil Cheaper Than Electric?

Oil and electric heating are also generally very close when it comes to the cost of operation. If crude oil prices are up, you are going to be paying more for oil. If the prices are down, it could become more expensive to heat with electric. All of this varies depending on the price of your energy source. 

Heating Oil Delivery In Havertown, PA

John Cipollone Inc. has been delivering heating oil in Havertown, Delco, and the surrounding areas since 1953. We can help you with an oil delivery, installation of an oil heating system, or service for your current oil heater. 

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