How To Avoid AC Repairs

How To Avoid AC Repairs

How To Avoid AC RepairsThe heat wave hitting the East Coast so early this year means that air conditioners are going to be working overtime. When your system is stressed, it is more likely to break down, so we wanted to answer that important question we get frequently here at John Cipollone Inc.- What can I do to AVOID expensive air conditioning repairs?

I’ve seen thousands of air conditioning systems in my 20+ years in the air conditioning business, and I can tell you, the way you care for your system helps prevent breakdowns. I’ve seen some systems that are never serviced, and break down frequently. I’ve also serviced some systems for years that hardly ever needed a repair. 

In this article, I’ll tell you what you can do to avoid breakdowns and repairs for your AC system. If you are in need of some help with your air conditioning system, give us a call at (610) 446-7877, or contact us online! 

We have 10 things you can do to help keep your system running well and avoid expensive repairs: 

  1. Clean Your Outdoor Unit

    Having great cooling in your home means having good airflow to your outdoor unit. Make sure it is clear of leaves and debris, and make sure to remove any plants that are closer than a foot or so away, to make sure there’s adequate air circulation.

  2. Change Your Air Filter Regularly

    A clogged air filter makes your system work harder than it needs to, making it work less efficiently and increasing the wear and tear on the system. This extra work can really increase your energy bills as well! Changing the filter regularly will help keep your system operating efficiently, save you money, and will also help improve your indoor air quality!

  3. Listen (And Smell) For Warning Signs

     A well maintained AC unit should run quietly.  If you hear grinding, screeching or hissing- please give an experienced AC technician, like our team at John Cipollone, a call. Just like odd noises, if you smell anything “off” when your AC kicks on, there could be a problem in your ductwork or with your system. You should call your local HVAC expert like the great experienced technicians with John Cipollone to get a system tune up and see what may be causing the problem before it becomes a bigger issue.

  4. Keep Your Vents Open And Clear

    It happens in our house all the time- somebody drops a laundry basket over  a vent, or a pet takes up residence over one of the floor vents! When your vents are blocked, your AC has to work harder to keep air circulating and keep you comfortable, so keeping the vents clear is important to make sure your system isn’t working harder than it needs to.

  5. Use A Programmable Thermostat

     Using a programmable thermostat or smart thermostat can help you set the temperature at your home so it delivers when you need it, but adjusts the temperature to more economical levels and save you money when you’re not home. Some smart thermostats like Nest, will even send you a monthly email to tell you how you are doing in conserving energy. The newer smart thermostats also let you monitor your home temperature from an app, and you can change the temp in the middle of the night on your phone, or even when you’re on vacation- wherever and whenever you need it. This can help keep you comfortable, and can help you minimize energy use and save money when you’re away.

  6. Check The Drain Pan

     As your air conditioning system does its job, water and condensation drains out of your system- and that can, over time, get build up and have mold or mildew accumulate. The line can also get clogged and cause problems, so checking it for condition and keeping it clean and clear can help keep larger problems at bay.

  7. Insulate Your Attic And Crawl Spaces

    Proper insulation prevents heat from entering your home, reducing the workload on your AC. This also will help you spend less on heat during cooler months as well- a double win for saving money on energy!

  8. Minimize Heat Gain

    If you wanted an excuse to have something cold for dinner, or to grill outside, this is it!  When it’s already hot in the afternoon, avoid cooking, using your oven or running your dryer- these appliances will add extra heat to your home, and make your AC work even harder to bring the temperature down.

  9. Use Ceiling Fans

     Ceiling fans can help circulate cool air more effectively, allowing you to raise the thermostat a degree or two for additional energy savings. This can help you stay cool at night as well, and promote better sleep.

  10. Schedule Annual Maintenance

    At John Cipollone, we know that an ounce of prevention can save you a pound of cure.  Scheduling a yearly professional tuneup of your HVAC system helps technicians to identify and address minor problems before they can turn into major repairs. This makes sure that your system is working well before the heat waves hit, and keeps ahead of what could be more expensive repair bills with preventative maintenance.

Our Best Advice

A little bit of preventative maintenance combined with good general advice to keep your whole HVAC system working well will help extend the life of your HVAC system. Along with regular checkups, you can really avoid many of the expensive AC repairs we help customers with every day. And while we’re happy to help you whenever your AC isn’t delivering the comfort you want, we also know no one wants to spend any money they don’t have to. 

If you haven’t gotten your system checked yet this year, or you aren’t sure when it was last tuned up, be sure to give us a call here at John Cipollone Inc.  An AC tuneup can help keep your system humming all summer long, and it looks like it’s going to be a scorcher!

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