How To Change An Aprilaire Air Filter

Changing An Aprilaire Air Filter

Changing the air filters for your furnace and air purifying systems can be tricky sometimes- that’s why we put together a short video to show how you can do this change for yourself at home.

Steps to Change the Filter

  1. Removing the old filter
  2. Remember to check the alignment of the airflow- This is Important!
  3. Align filter on the slides- bottom first, top second.

1. Gently open the door to the unit, and make sure you note how the door aligns so you can place it back as needed.  Slide out old filter, and remove it.

2. Check the Alignment of the Air Flow   You always want the air to go toward the system. Large filters like the ones for this Aprilaire system come with metal supports- and they can get a lot of stuff in them, especially if you’ve been having any work, like drywall, painting, or sanding that can kick up a lot of dust.  If the air filter isn’t properly aligned, the metal supports can break off and end up in your motor, and cause real damage- so be careful!

3. Align the new air filter with airflow going in the proper direction, first by placing a new filter on internal slides at the bottom, then at the top, and slide back in and replace the door, until it clicks.

When Should I Change My Air Filter?

How To Change An Aprilaire Air FilterWe recommend changing your air filter at least twice a year, if not quarterly. At John Cipollone, Inc., we offer filter-changing service along with our regular service calls or preventative maintenance tune-ups, which most customers get twice a year.  Preventive maintenance can help you make sure your HVAC system is working in top form, and identify problems before they become serious.  

For example, when doing a system check and tune up this past week, we noticed a broken valve on an Aprilaire humidifier air quality system. This is something the customer might never have noticed otherwise.

A quick repair and now the homeowner will avoid extra dry air all winter long, that causes static electricity, dry nose, coughing, dry skin and can make them more susceptible to colds as well.

Making sure your system is functioning well, and your filter is changed regularly so it can filter out dust, bacteria, mites, and other nasty things from the air, will help keep your family happy and healthy throughout the year.

Heating and Air Conditioning Service In Havertown, PA

John Cipollone Inc. is an expert when it comes to HVAC, heating, and air conditioning service in Havertown, PA and the surrounding areas. We can make sure your equipment is running efficiently, cleanly, and provides you with perfect comfort. 

Make sure you keep your indoor air quality high- change your air filter regularly, or give us a call here at John Cipollone Inc. at (610) 446-7877 and we will make sure the air in your home is clean and healthy! 

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