Installing A Multi-Zone Mini Split System In Drexel Hill, PA

Installing A Multi-Zone Mini Split System In Drexel Hill, PA

Installing A Multi-Zone Mini Split System In Drexel Hill, PAIn older homes in the Upper Darby Township area, it’s common to find that they use oil as their primary heating solution, with radiators located throughout the home.  While oil provides warm heat, it is getting more and more expensive, and the volatile nature of heating oil prices can put a dent in anyone’s budget. 

As a result, the owners of this rental home in Drexel Hill were looking at different solutions when the older oil system needed to be replaced.

The homeowners investigated the option of converting the home to natural gas, but running a new gas line would have cost over $3,000! In addition, switching to gas would require other modifications to the chimney, adding additional costs. 

The homeowners gave us a call here at John Cipollone, to see what we might recommend that would help make the heating of this home economical, and maybe also include the air conditioning as well.

Problem: Owners of a rental property were looking for a better way to heat and cool the home. Tenants always complained of uneven heating from oil radiators, and were relying on window AC units to stay cool, but these really ran up the energy bills.

Solution: A four-zone carrier ductless heating and cooling system will keep this home comfortable and make it much more energy efficient, saving the owners, and the renters, money on energy bills! 

Installing Carrier Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless Mini Splits Will Bring Personalized Comfort And Lower Energy BillsAs a rental property, the owners wanted to make sure they got a more efficient heating and cooling system that would help keep energy costs down- winter and summer. They also wanted something that would come with a great warranty, be easy to operate, and be dependable. We knew right away that a Carrier ductless heating and cooling system would be a great option.

In older homes without ductwork, one of the best options to consider when you need to upgrade your HVAC system is a ductless heating and air conditioning system. Carrier ductless systems are high-efficiency heat pump systems that work well to temperatures of -20 F all the way up to over 100F- bringing both heating and cooling to your home. 

For older homes like this one without ductwork, that means great heating and cooling without having to tear apart walls and install ducts – and no more hassle with heavy, clumsy window air conditioners! It’s always so frustrating installing them, losing the window for a season, then having to remove them later.

How Ductless Mini Splits Work

This Floor Mounted Unit Is Attached To The Condenser OutsideCarrier ductless systems consist of two main components- an outdoor condenser unit, and indoor air distribution units, sometimes called heads or cassettes. The outdoor condenser unit can power up to 9 indoor units, and each indoor unit can be independently controlled, creating a separate zone of heating and cooling wherever they are located. 

Carrier ductless systems are also modular- there are many different types of indoor units- floor-mounted systems, wall-mounted units, and even ceiling units, so there are plenty of choices available to work with your home.  

The indoor units have advanced sensors that monitor the room for both temperature and humidity and then they adjust the comfort level, adding just the right amount of heating or cooling as needed. You can control them from a convenient handheld remote, or from a smartphone app, giving you pinpoint control over your comfort from wherever you are.

Installing A Multi-Zone HVAC System

For this home, we recommended 4 separate zones of heating and cooling- two for the first floor that would bring comfort to the living room, kitchen, and dining room, and 2 zones, one in each bedroom located on the second floor. 

Each Ductless Unit Will Cool And Heat IndependentlyWhile there is a third floor as well in the home, it was not being used as anything but a storage space, so the owner opted to not create another zone on the third floor at this time. Luckily, there is an easy option to add an additional indoor unit at a later date if needed. 

We installed two floor-mounted units on the first floor, in the kitchen and living room. One of the main complaints from the tenants was how cold the floors were on the first level of their home, even with baseboard heating. The floor-mounted units will make sure that all parts of the first floor are super comfortable, even on their bare feet! 

On the second floor, we added a wall-mounted indoor unit in each of the two bedrooms. Carrier ductless units are also super quiet -whisper quiet-  and they are going to be a huge improvement over noisy, inefficient window air conditioners! Now the whole room is more comfortable whether they want some heat or they want to stay cool on hot and humid summer nights. The tenants are also almost guaranteed a quieter and more comfortable night’s sleep.

The homeowner also decided to install radiant floor heating for the master bathroom on the second floor- which is a great option under tile- making the whole room toasty from the floor up, and negating the need for a separate indoor unit for the bathroom.

Cost Effective Heating and Cooling

Zone Heating And Cooling

Creating 4 separate zones of heating and cooling means the tenants can adjust the temperature in each area, and even turn off the systems or put them in stand-by mode when not in use. That results in not wasting money on heating and cooling areas like the bedrooms when people are at work all day, and adjusting the temperature downstairs to save money while people are upstairs asleep. 

Ductless mini split systems are up to 70% more efficient in heating and 30% more efficient than window air conditioners. The result can add up to huge savings every month on their energy bills. Separate zones mean they get customized comfort and also save LOTS of energy.

Carrier ductless systems are so highly efficient that they qualify for tax credits up to $2,000 under the Inflation Reduction Act and additional rebates from PECO. That helps make these systems even more affordable up front, in addition to the savings they’ll see each month on energy bills.

The homeowner was thrilled with the new system and is looking forward to the new tenants moving into this improved space.  This upgrade in comfort will even help increase the value of the property- and that’s important in any investment property like this one.

Have a Heating or Cooling problem?  Give us a call!

If you are considering whether to switch from oil to another type of heat or are looking to upgrade the comfort in your home, give us a call here at (610) 446-7877. Our experts have years of experience and can help you design the perfect heating and cooling system for your home.

We want to help you achieve greater comfort while reducing your energy bills with a high-efficiency system. Carrier ductless systems can add heating and cooling wherever you need it, and you too can say goodbye to window air conditioners once and for all!

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