My Oil Burner Won’t Run: What To Check & What To Do

My Oil Burner Won’t Run: What To Check & What To Do

My Oil Burner Won’t Run: What To Check & What To DoYour heating system failing in the cold of the winter is an alarming situation. Every system is different, and it’s not always easy to figure out why your system stopped working. In the united states, electricity, natural gas, and crude oil are the most common ways for you to heat your home. In this article, we are going to talk about oil heating systems, and what you should check if your oil burner stops working.

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Five Things To Check When Your Oil Burner Stops Running

If you notice your oil heating not working, here are a few of the first things you should look for to determine why.

  1. Your Oil Furnace Needs To Be Reset
  2. Your Electrical Connections Are Loose
  3. Your Pilot Flame Is Dirty
  4. Low Fuel, Clogged Oil Line, Or Dirty Oil Nozzle
  5. Cad Cell Has Gone Bad

Your Oil Furnace Needs To Be Reset

The first and easiest solution is your oil furnace needs to be reset. First, make sure that the switch on the side of your furnace is on. Secondly, make sure that the red emergency switch is also turned on. This switch is usually at the top of the steps, or somewhere above the furnace.

If both of these switches are on and your oil furnace won’t run, first try flipping off the switch on the side of the furnace, and turning it back on after a few minutes. If this doesn’t work, you may need to find the reset button inside of your furnace.

Take off the panel on the front of your oil heating system, and the burner should be inside. Press the red reset button (Most systems have a red reset button). Pressing the reset button dumps oil into your system, and hopefully gets it working again.

If this works, that’s great. Put the panel back on and be sure to keep an eye on the heater. If you have to do this often, it means there is a problem and you should call a professional. If this doesn’t work, don’t keep pressing the button. This will empty more oil into your system and could cause problems.

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Your Electrical Connections Are Loose

Sometimes the electrical connections to your thermostat can become loose or frayed over time. Luckily, this is usually an easy fix, but something you should call a professional for.

Take a look at the wires of your system, and take a look at your thermostat. If the wires look fine, next make sure the thermostat is working properly.

Make sure that your temperatures are not set incorrectly, and that your thermostat is functioning the way it should. If the room temperature isn’t matching the thermostat temperature, you now know this could be the issue.

Your Pilot Flame Is Dirty

Your oil furnace has a flame sensor rod around the pilot light. This should be cleaned every now and then to make sure that the sensor is working properly. This is something you can do yourself, but it should also be a part of your regular maintenance.

We highly recommend a service for your oil furnace at least once a year. This will make sure that all the components are clean and functioning properly. Your oil heating system should last 10-20 years long, and keeping it clean ensures that you get the most out of it.

Another tip is to make sure your air filter is clean and clear. If your air filter is dirty, it could prevent proper airflow, and cause the system to run less efficiently.

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Low Fuel, Clogged Oil Line, Or Dirty Nozzle

How Long Does Heating Oil Last?One obvious reason your oil heating system won’t stay running is you are low on home heating oil. This is an easy fix, and means there is nothing wrong with your system. If your oil tank is above ground, you can go take a look at it and try to gauge your oil supply.

Another issue may be a closed valve, or a clogged oil line. If your valve was closed by accident, it’s an easy fix to open it up. If your oil line is clogged though, or one of the nozzles are dirty, you will need to have this cleaned. If the oil line is too old, you may just want to replace it.

The fortunate thing about all of these issues though is that none of them are an expensive fix, and all mean your oil furnace should still be in good working order!

Cad Cell Has Gone Bad

You Cad Cell is the sensor within the system that helps the oil burner run. If your sensor has gone bad, you will likely need it to be replaced. This is usually a fairly inexpensive replacement and one that is common among oil furnaces.

What Should You Do If Your Oil Furnace Stops Running?

There are a few things we’ve given you to look at, but the most important thing we can tell you is to call a professional if your oil furnace stops working. Try the reset, and take a look to see if your pilot flame is lit, but you really shouldn’t be doing too much work to your system if you aren’t familiar with HVAC work.

Oil furnaces are very safe as long as they are running properly, and we want to make sure that’s the case. A professional can take a look at your oil furnace and let you know what the problem is, and fix it themselves.

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