Replacing An AC With A Heat Pump In Newtown Square

Replacing An Air Conditioning System With A Heat Pump In Newtown Square, PA

Replacing An AC With A Heat Pump In Newtown SquareMatt and his wife moved into their Newtown Square home and knew they would need to make some changes. They had an older air conditioning system, and their oil heating was costing them a decent amount of money to run.

They called a few different HVAC contractors in the area to come and give ideas for a solution, but in the end chose John Cipollone Inc., which we are extremely grateful for.  Matthias went out and had a few ideas that some of the other contractors didn’t, all focused around making sure this home was comfortable, but was also more energy efficient.

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Installing A Heat Pump

After looking at the options for the home, we all agreed that a heat pump was a great way to maximize efficiency, and create the most comfortable home possible. Instead of just installing a new air conditioner system, they elected to go with a heat pump.

A heat pump comes with a few advantages. For one, a heat pump has the ability to heat and cool a home. Air conditioners would only be able to cool, and they would still have to rely solely on oil heating in the winter. Because the heat pump can do both heating and cooling, this was a more attractive option.

Natural gas isn’t offered where this home is, so replacing the oil heating wasn’t something we felt was a good idea. Instead, they could still use the oil heat when it’s needed. In the meantime, they could use the heat pump when the weather wasn’t freezing, and they didn’t want to run the oil heater.

Improving The Ductwork

Improving The Ductwork Was Crucial To The Home ComfortOne of the big issues with the comfort in this home was the ductwork. The ducts around the unit had some strange bends and turns that prevented the air from flowing easily and reaching every space in the home. 

We decided that it was best to replace this ductwork. Not every heating and cooling problem is the fault of the actual heating and cooling system. In lots of cases, like this one, the ducts were also part of the problem. If they aren’t properly designed, or you have too much static pressure, it could prevent air from getting to every space it should. 

Once we changed this ductwork, the difference in the problem room was immediately noticeable. The air was flowing much easier into the room, and the discomfort was fixed right away. 

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The Benefits Of A Heat Pump

Heat pumps are becoming a more and more popular option for homes in PA, and for good reason. When you install a heat pump, you will see a few incredible benefits: 

  • Increased Energy Efficiency
  • Heating And Cooling Capabilities
  • Improved Comfort

Increased Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps use less energy than most traditional systems. Instead of generating hot or cool air from scratch, they instead use a heat transfer system that draws heat from the air outside and runs it over a coil. This air is then transferred to the space in the home that needs to be treated. 

This increased energy efficiency also helps with energy bills. In the case of our Newtown Square homeowner, he paid a little more for the heat pump than a traditional AC. With the cost of estimated energy savings, he is going to save the difference in energy bills in 30 months. 

When you figure that a heat pump lasts for 10+ years, you can see how much money this is going to save over the lifespan of the system. 

Heating And Cooling Capabilities

With a traditional AC, you can only cool the home. With a traditional heating system, you can only heat the home. With a heat pump, you can both heat and cool the home using the same system. This is a huge advantage over traditional systems where you’d need 2 to keep your home comfortable year-round. 

Improved Comfort

heat pumps provide pinpoint accuracy when it comes to comforting your home. Many heat pumps now come with a variable speed option, meaning the system can run at different varying speeds depending on what is needed. 

Less efficient systems have one speed, and will simply heat or cool until the desired temperature is reached, and then shut off. Once the temperature falls outside of the desired area, the system turns on again. This wastes energy, and can also become uncomfortable. 

Heat Pump Installation In Newtown Square, PA

John Cipollone Inc. specializes in heat pump installations in Newtown Square, PA and the surrounding areas. We are so happy we could help out Matt and his wife with this project, and were thrilled when we went back to talk to him and heard everything was going so well. 

If you need help with a heat pump repair, service, or installation, give us a call at (610) 446-7877, or click here to contact us online

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