Heating Oil Furnace Service Saves You Money In The Long Run

How Heating Oil Furnace Service Saves You Money In The Long Run

Heating Oil Furnace Service Saves You Money In The Long RunAre you concerned with how much heating oil your home uses in the winter? Do you worry that you’ll wake up one day without heat? Or that you’re spending way too much on it? 

The best way to address all those concerns before the cold weather hits is by scheduling an oil heater tune-up in the fall. A quick, inexpensive visit from your HVAC contractor can make a world of difference throughout the winter. 

Just like how changing the oil in your car helps it run longer, getting a quick inspection and tune-up for your heating system keeps it working better and helps it last for more seasons than it otherwise would. 

But, for some reason, tune-ups and regular maintenance are much more common for homeowners with gas-fired furnaces and central air conditioning. But, even then, not everyone knows when or how often to call for maintenance. 

Sometimes, there’s some confusion — even a little suspicion — about the whole thing. 

We get it: Why should you pay money for an HVAC tech to come out to your house when nothing’s wrong with your system? But the answer is simple: To keep it that way. 

We put together this article to address some of the common questions and concerns surrounding oil heater tune-ups. In particular, we’re covering:

  • What Is An Oil Heater Tune-Up?
  • Four Great Reasons To Get An Oil Heater Tune-Up This Fall
  • How Much Does An Oil Boiler Tune Up Cost?
  • Heating Oil Furnace Service And Maintenance In Ardmore, PA

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Along with scheduled tune-ups, John Cipollone, Inc. provides a free cleaning and inspection with every home heating oil delivery we make to homes in Bryn Mawr, PA, and across the Main Line. If you’re due for a delivery or haven’t had your system serviced in a while, call us at (610) 446-7877.

What Is An Oil Heater Tune-Up?

Furnace Installation In Wynnewood, PA - John Cipollone, IncAn oil heater tune-up is when a licensed HVAC tech inspects, cleans, and optimizes an oil heater. This way, it’s in excellent conditions for the winter, when it’s working the hardest. The visit takes about an hour, and you can schedule one even if you’ve already turned on the heat.

A typical tune-up includes dozens of inspection points — everything from changing the filter to checking the electrical connections to looking over all the moving parts and mechanical components to running diagnostics and ensuring there are no leaks.

Often, there’s a slight problem with the system that you haven’t noticed yet. Having an expert proactively check for these issues heads them off before they cause a problem.

Next, your tech will clean out the system. That includes removing all the dust and dirt from behind the panel and on the components. Over time, that debris can jam up the machinery and cause problems. Finally, they’ll change the filter and lubricate and optimize all the moving parts.

When To Schedule Heating Oil Furnace Service

The best time to schedule heating oil furnace service is in the early fall. The system should be inspected before the cold weather kicks in, and your heater is working all the time. But, it can still be serviced once it’s running in the winter.

Even that late in the season, you’ll still enjoy the benefits.

Four Great Reasons To Get An Oil Heater Tune-Up This Fall

Why is an oil heater tune-up worth the cost? Because you’ll enjoy these great benefits:

  1. Saving Money
  2. Better Heating
  3. Fewer Repairs
  4. Peace Of Mind

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Here’s how it all breaks down.

Saving Money

When your system is in great shape, it requires less oil to keep your house warm. That means fewer gallons you have to buy each year, especially during the winter. That saves you money each month and requires fewer deliveries.

Better Heating

If you’ve experienced cold spots in your home over the last few years, an inspection and cleaning for your heating system can make a huge difference. Minor problems, a clogged filter, and even dust buildup can reduce airflow or prevent your heater from producing enough warmth.

With a quick cleaning, you may notice a big difference right away.

Fewer Repairs

With preventative maintenance, your heater is much less likely to break down in the winter. By replacing anything broken or ready to break ahead of time, you save time and money on repair calls.

Peace Of Mind

There’s enough to worry about in the winter (or any time of year, really), and your oil bill and home heating shouldn’t be among them. A tune-up goes a long way in this regard.

Getting preventative maintenance means you know your heater is ready for the long, cold winter ahead.

First, you’ll use as little oil as possible, which is often a big concern for people on the Main Line with larger, older houses that may not have the best or most modern insulation.

Next, you know you’re much less likely to wake up one morning without any heat — and then pay extra for priority repairs instead of getting on a waiting list during the busiest times for HVAC contractors.

A quick, one-hour visit in the fall can make a world of difference during the months that come after it.

How Much Does An Oil Boiler Tune Up Cost?

The average cost for an oil boiler or furnace tune-up is around $300. That’s still much less than the cost of a service call when something breaks. And you can save more money by enrolling in a service contract that includes these maintenance calls plus other benefits.

John Cipollone, Inc. offers service plans and maintenance contracts for homes and businesses in Ardmore, Havertown, and across the Main Line. And, every oil delivery we make includes cleaning and inspection. 

Heating Oil Furnace Service And Maintenance In Bryn Mawr, PA

John Cippollone, Inc. offers heating oil furnace service and maintenance to homes in Bryn Mawr, PA and across the Main Line. We’ve been family-owned and operated since 1953. If you need a delivery or are ready to schedule a tune-up, click below or call us at (610) 446-7877.

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