Should I Get A Dehumidifier For My Air Conditioning System

Should I get a dehumidifier for my AC system in Havertown, PA?

All air conditioners remove moisture from the air in your home. That’s an important part of how they make the place feel cooler. However, sometimes that’s not enough to make you comfortable. You should consider getting a dehumidifier for your AC system in Havertown, PA if:

  1. Summers near you get very muggy
  2. Your air conditioner is too big for your home
  3. You want to cut your electric bill in the summer

Talk To Someone About A Dehumidifier For Your HomeNow, Delaware County isn’t exactly the warmest place in the country. But, summers have been getting warmer and warmer over the last few years. We’re seeing a lot of people rethinking their AC situation. In Havertown homes range from some of the first suburban homes to colonials to new luxury houses. Each one comes with distinct heating and cooling challenges. Older split level homes have problems with air flow. New homes often have open floor plans that are difficult to treat. Sometimes, the solution for the summer is a whole-home dehumidifier. It connects to the central HVAC system and helps keep the entire house cool.

What are common signs of high indoor humidity in the summer?

If the humidity in your home is a little on the high side, you’ll feel warm and uncomfortable. But, if it’s especially high, you’ll notice some or all of these signs:

  1. Mold and mildew in the home
  2. More insects than usual inside
  3. Warping or decay on wood furniture
  4. Peeling paint or wallpaper
  5. Seasonal allergies getting worse
  6. Higher energy bills in the summer

Mold and mildew

These contaminants require dark spaces and moisture to grow. There are plenty of corners and cabinets in your home where there’s no light. Adding excess water vapor can make for a breeding ground.

Insects in the home

High humidity may play a role in summer infestation. The same conditions that breed mold are also appealing to all kinds of bugs. Plus, many of them feast on mildew and mold.

Damage to wood

This applies to furniture, cabinets, and even flooring. Moisture seeps into the wood, cracking and warping it. Exposure all summer can slowly damage these items.

Peeling paint and wallpaper

All that excess moisture in the air can make its way into the walls. You’ll notice when your wallpaper starts bubbling, or the paint begins peeling. It’s a sign of water damage.

Seasonal allergies get worse

Airborne particles often cause spring and summer sniffling, coughing, irritated eyes, and sore throats. High humidity makes it worse. The water vapor traps pollen, dust and other particles in the air rather than allowing them to settle or circulate.

How an air conditioner dehumidifies your home

Air conditioner treats your home in two ways. First, it moves heat from inside your house to outside. As it does this, it replaces the warm air with cool air. The second thing it does is dehumidify your home. Humidity makes the air feel warmer than it is. The water vapor in the air acts as insulation. It keeps the heat closer to your body and makes you hotter. As the a/c draws in warm air, it also takes in the moisture in the air. The vapor evaporates as the air passes through the system. Then, your a/c drains that condensation. The result is dry air that feels even cooler. So, why would you need a humidifier when the central AC is already doing that? Well, sometimes it’s not enough.

Portable and whole home dehumidifiers

There are different kinds of dehumidifiers that you can use around your home, just like air conditioners. You have a whole home dehumidifier, that plugs directly into your HVAC system and treats humidity in every space that your ducts reach.

There are also portable, free standing dehumdifiers that are great for dehumidifying a particular space. This is perfect for basements that have too much moisture, or maybe you only need it in the room you use most often, like a living room.

We offer BOTH portable free standing dehumidifiers as well as whole home dehumidifiers that plug into your system. Different homes have different needs, but keeping the humidity down is ALWAYS a priority.

Using a dehumidifier to supplement air conditioning in Havertown, PA

If your home is still too humid even with your central air running, you may need a separate dehumidifier that treats the entire house. This way, you’ll finally be comfortable and avoid damage and health problems. And, you’ll save on your energy bills when your AC has to do less work. Now, let’s look again at those reasons from before.

Summers near you are muggy

Yes, your central air also acts as a dehumidifier. But, that’s not its primary purpose. It can only do so much. If summers are especially muggy near you, then the AC you have may be able to handle the load. Or, maybe the model you have is just too small for your home. In these cases, a separate unit will take care of the problem. You’ll have a dedicated appliance for removing all that excess water vapor.

Your air conditioner is too big for your home

You’d think that a more powerful AC would solve the problem, right? Well, not necessarily. Central air units don’t run continuously. Instead, they turn on and off in cycles. Once the house reaches the temp you want, the thermostat, it turns off. When your AC is too powerful, it cools your home too quickly. It turns off before it can remove enough moisture to lower the humidity.

Talk To Someone About A Dehumidifier For Your Home

You want to cut your electric bill in the summer

Remember, part of your air conditioner’s job is to remove all that extra water vapor. And, it uses quite a lot of electricity to run. A dehumidifier takes much of that load off the more expensive appliance. This way, you’ll use less energy to get the results you want. That means lower energy bills each month. And, you’ll save in the long run when your central AC lasts a few years longer with less wear and tear. Call or email Cipollone today to find out how to save money and stay cool this summer with a whole-home dehumidifier!

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