Upgrading Heating And Cooling In A Historic Haverford Home

Fixing HVAC Issues In This Historic Haverford Home

Upgrading Heating And Cooling In A Historic Haverford HomeHeating and cooling older homes can be a challenging task, as most of them weren’t designed with today’s technology in mind. That was the case here in a 100 year old historic home in Haverford, PA. Kate was sick of the way her old heating and air conditioning system worked, and knew it was time for an upgrade. 

We had worked with Kate in the past, but for this big of a job, she wanted to get a few different estimates and opinions. In the end, it was the fact that we spent time explaining what her issues were, and how we would fix them. Not only did we answer her questions, but we also asked questions of our own about what she wanted, and understood the house a bit better. She also mentioned that the other companies only looked at the system. We walked through the house, and designed her new system according to the layout of their home.

Heating And Air Conditioning Problems 

The heating and air conditioning problems were interesting in this home. They were originally using 2 separate heating and cooling systems. This is a large home, and when the old equipment was installed, it wasn’t powerful enough to treat the whole space. Even with the two systems, it was never exactly as comfortable as it should be. 

In the summer, they’d be too hot and change the thermostat by 1 degree, and it would freeze out certain rooms and become too cold. This was an issue with the HVAC system, but there were also problems with the ductwork that led to this. It became frustrating constantly messing with the thermostat and having these big swings in temperature. 

Fixing The Ductwork In This Old House

One of the issues in this home was the ductwork. It’s an old house, and the ducts were designed years and years ago. In fact, the house used to have coal in the basement, and used oil lamps to illuminate the house. The point is, they needed to seal the ductwork and make some adjustments. 

The Ductwork Was Something We ImprovedBecause they were using two separate HVAC systems in the past, there was actually a lot of ductwork that we were able to remove. Since there was only going to be one Carrier HVAC system now, we would be running one set of ductwork throughout the entire home. 

We sealed up the cracks and potential areas for leaks using some tape, caulk, and paint. This is going to allow the air to flow properly throughout the system, without leaking into the walls and spaces in the home where it would be wasted. We had to add some new ductwork, but were also able to use some of the original design’s. 

We also added a balancing damper to divert some of the air from one of the vents that was directly above the heating system. Before the damper was on there, it was pushing the air directly into the living room, and making the space too hot. The thermostat was also about 15 feet away from the vent. This meant that it would read that the temperature was achieved, and shut the system down. This left the outer spaces of the home cold, because the reading on the thermostat told the system to shut down. 

With the damper installed, it limits the amount of air that is able to flow to that register, and instead pushes the air to the outsides of the house. This helped even the heating, and keep the living room comfortable at the same time. 

Once we were done, Kate was thrilled to be able to walk around the basement without having to duck and dodge some of the old ductwork. Not only would these ducts improve the HVAC in the home, but it would also take up less space in the basement! 

Installing A Carrier Heating And Air Conditioning System

We installed a new Carrier HVAC system that could treat the whole home by itself. No more double systems, and a bunch of messy ductwork. This system is powerful enough to reach every space in the home, and do so with efficiency. 

The combination of upgraded ductwork, and an upgraded HVAC system will help save energy in this home as well. The old system was leaking air, and inefficient. Now the energy bills will be lower, and the carbon footprint will also be reduced. 

Upgrading Indoor Air Quality

The Indoor Air Quality Has Improved With The HumidifierOne of the things that our homeowner heard from almost every company who came in was that she could use a humidification system. We installed a humidifier, and an air scrubber into her new HVAC system, both of which plug right into the ductwork. 

She didn’t realize an older home could use help with regulating humidity, and the benefits of it. The truth is, it’s great for any home, but an older home, possibly even more so. When you keep the humidity balanced, it helps to keep allergens and irritants out of the air, and also helps keep your skin and sinuses from drying out. It’s also better for older furniture, wooden fixtures, and instruments. 

Her kids have asthma, and she noticed right away that with the new system, they seemed to be feeling better. The house doesn’t have that same musty “old house smell”. It just seems like the air is clearer. 

Upgrading HVAC System In Your Home

In the end, Kate was thrilled with her new system. She can adjust the temperature easily, and the air inside has never been fresher or more comfortable. We are happy that we kept her as a customer, and look forward to keeping this historic home cozy for another 100 years hopefully! 

If you are having any trouble with your HVAC system and think it’s time for an upgrade, let us take a look. John Cipollone Inc. specializes in expert heating and air conditioning service in Haverford, PA. We can explain exactly what your home needs, and give you some options to make the switch. Give us a call at (610) 446-7877, or contact us online!

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