Why Am I Using So Much Heating Oil?

Why Am I Using So Much Heating Oil?Homeowners in Haverford often have this question – Why am I using so much heating oil? 

With the price of home heating oil going up, you certainly don’t want to be buying any more oil than you need.  So let’s understand how home heating oil is used, and what you can do to try to use less and make it last longer.

What goes into how much oil I use?

The Weather The weather is the first and biggest factor that affects your consumption.  The outside temperature is a huge factor in how fast you will use your oil here in Haverford.. In general, if it’s been 32F for over 24 hours, the typical 2,500 sq. ft home will use about 5 1/2 gal of heating oil a day. That means if it stays that cold, (and no colder) a full 225 gal tank of oil should last around 32 days- or about a month. However, also keep in mind that a 15 degree drop in temperature can double your oil consumption.

The Size of Your Home

The bigger your home, the more area there is to heat, and the faster you will use up your oil. 

The size of your house, the efficiency of your system and how warm you like it will all factor in to how fast you use up a whole tank of oil as well. A good rule of thumb is:

  • At 10 degrees, expect to use 3.27 gal per thousand sq ft.
  • At 20 degrees, expect to use 2.67 gal per thousand sq. ft.
  • At 30 degrees, expect to use 2.07 gal per thousand sq. ft.
  • At 40 degrees, expect to use 1.47 gal per thousand sq. ft
  • At 50 dgegrees, expect to use 0.87 gal per thousand sq ft.

So you can see, as the temperature outside drops, your oil consumption increases by a set amount depending on the size of your home. At 40 degrees, a home should typically use about 1 ½ gal a day per thousand feet of space.  That means for a 2,500 sq. ft. home, you can expect to use about 4 gal a day; at 3,500 square feet, you should expect to use closer to 6 gal a day here in Haverford.

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Energy Efficiency Matters

HVAC Efficiency

Another important factor in your oil consumption rates is the efficiency of your system. Newer systems and boilers have improved considerably and now burn much more cleanly and efficiently than older systems.

While home heating systems last a long time, often between 15 and 20 years, regular maintenance from John Cipollone or another HVAC contractor will help prolong the life of your system and make sure it is working efficiently. It is normal for systems to start to consume more oil as they age, and become more expensive to operate.

If you think you are using more oil than in previous seasons, make sure you are scheduling yearly maintenance, and consider whether your system is getting to an age where a replacement could lead to big savings with increased efficiency.

Home Energy Efficiency

Keeping Your System Energy Efficient Will Help Your Energy Bills Stay DownChoosing a comfortable Temperature- Some people like a home at 68 degrees; others like it more at 72. The temperature you set your thermostat at will make a big difference in the rate you use heating oil here in Haverford!

If you want to keep your home at a constant, comfortable temperature, consider getting one of the new digital smart thermostats.  These systems do a great job in helping you to maintain a consistent temperature in your home, rather than having to reheat a cold home- which can take hours- if you decide to simply turn off the heat when you aren’t home.

These thermostats can learn your daily patterns and adjust the temperature to save you energy every day. And you can adjust the temperature up or down manually, often remotely via an app, giving you the option to change the temperature when you are on vacation as well!

Improving Your Home’s Efficiency

If you want to spend less on heating oil, consider getting a home energy audit. While fuel companies like ours, John Cipollone Inc. can do this, PECO and PG&E also offer home energy audits to help you find ways to decrease your energy consumption overall.

Often simple things like improving insulation, adding draft-blocking window treatments, improving the insulation around doors, light sockets and other fixes can help improve the heat retention in your home and help you use less oil.

The Bottom Line- Good Value and Proper Maintenance

You could be using more oil due to factors from the weather, to how warm you like it in your home. Your home might need small upgrades to improve its efficiency, or your system could be aging, and may need a tune-up and regular maintenance.

With the increase in home heating oil prices, it’s important to do whatever you can to make sure your home is as efficient as possible, and that you get the best deal possible for your oil. At John Cipollone Inc, we have great pre-payment plans for your home heating oil that help keep your costs consistent and budget-friendly. Make sure to explore your plans by clicking here or calling us at (610) 446-7877 and act early to get the best rates for your oil all season!

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