Why an Air Conditioner Tune-Up is Worth the Money

What And Air Conditioner Tune-Up Is (And Why It’s Worth The Money)

Is An Air Conditioner Tune-Up Worth It? [AC Service FAQSpring is when you start seeing advertisements for air conditioner tune-ups and preventative maintenance. They’re everywhere, from billboards to YouTube. But is the service actually worth the money? And, what is it, anyway?

The short answers are: A tune up is a preventative maintenance visit where a licensed, certified HVAC tech inspects and optimizes your central air, so it’s ready for the hard work during the summer ahead.

Imagine it like an oil change for your car: You won’t notice much difference after you get one, but you’d run into many problems if you never got them.

And, yes: An AC tune up is worth it. You’ll be more comfortable, use less electricity (which saves you money), avoid costly breakdowns (which also saves you money), and enjoy better peace of mind all summer long.

Even still, you may have some questions or concerns before your hand over money for someone to look over an appliance in your home that’s working just fine.

So, we’re diving into some behind-the-scenes information and frequently-asked questions about AC maintenance in this article.

We’ll explain what happens during a tune-up, why it’s beneficial, how much it costs, and more.

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What Does An AC Tune Up Include?

An AC tune-up includes an inspection with a few dozen checkpoints, including all moving parts, the power supply, electrical connections, and coolant levels. The tech replaces oy broken or worn-out component gets replaced. Finally, the tech clears out any dust, dirt, and debris and optimizes all the moving parts.

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Why Is An AC Tune Up Important?

The most important benefits of an AC tune up in the spring are:

  • Better Comfort
  • Fewer Repairs
  • Lower Bills
  • Longer Service Life

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Let’s look a little closer at each one.

Better Comfort

Simply put, an air conditioner in great shape will work better than one that hasn’t been maintained. With all the parts working smoothly, you’ll get better, more consistent cooling all summer.

That means no hot spots in certain rooms or times when the house feels warmer than it should. You’ll also have less humidity, making you more comfortable in the summer. THat’s because your AC also dehumidifies when it’s running.

Fewer Repairs

One of the most important HVAC tips out there is to never ignore a problem, no matter how small. That’s because it’s bound to get worse. And when it does, it becomes more expensive to fix.

However, when you address those minor problems with a maintenance visit, they never get that bad. Instead, that one quick visit nips them in the bud — before they cost you more time, money, and aggravation later in the summer.

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Lower Bills

We can go back to the car metaphor again: a car in good shape uses less gas. In the same way, a tuned-up, optimized AC doesn’t need as much electricity. That means lower PECO bills in the summer.

The main reason is that it can cool your home faster and more consistently. It doesn’t have to run for as long as if it were struggling to keep up.

Longer Service Life

One more time with the car comparisons: The better you care for your HVAC system, the longer it lasts. And every season you use your central air is a better return on your initial investment, and another year you go without paying for a new AC.

How Often Should You Tune Up Your HVAC System?

Homes with a furnace and central air should get a spring tune-up for air conditioning and another in early fall for heating. It’s best to schedule these before using your system. But, a tech can still inspect and clean it if it’s already in use.

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How Much Does An AC Tune Up Cost?

Most AC tune-ups cost between $75 and $150, with an average of around $125. Some minor repairs may be covered, but anything extensive would be an extra charge. Enrolling in your contractor’s service plan can reduce the cost and cover some more extensive repairs, saving you more money.

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